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5 Great Italian Cheeses You Will Love

When it comes to cheese, Italy has perfected the art of making hundreds of different varieties of formaggio. With such a varied landscape, it is no surprise to find wonderfully different cheeses produced in the hills of Tuscany from that made in the fertile Po Valley or the mountains along the Sorrento Peninsula. Each region of Italy specializes in different varieties of cheese made with cow, sheep and even water buffalo milk. We’ve handpicked 5 of our favorites to highlight the areas where our Italy vacation rentals are located, including fvorites you might not have heard of and that you will love. Continue reading 5 Great Italian Cheeses You Will Love


Four Ways Florentine Cuisine Highlights Tuscan Bread

Did you know that tasty Tuscan bread has no salt? It’s one of the details that makes bread in Tuscany so unique. However, without salt it goes stale quickly. Clever Italian cooks handled this problem by inventing delicious traditional dishes that make the best use of old bread. Nothing goes to waste! Continue reading Four Ways Florentine Cuisine Highlights Tuscan Bread

Favorite Rome Cheap & Cheerful Restaurants

There is an amazing selection of restaurants in Rome but we often find ourselves hankering for simple, home-style cooking where we can walk in, catch up after a busy day of looking at apartments and sites and have a simple, inexpensive meal. Our guests often ask “Where do you go in Rome for an a simple meal?”  Here are two of our favorites, Dino Express and Insalata Ricca. The food is simple, basic, the atmosphere is, well, quite basic too! Picture tables crowded close together, mismatched chairs, bad art and unflattering lighting…in short, everything we’ve learned to love in brutti-ma-buoni (ugly but good) dining! Continue reading Favorite Rome Cheap & Cheerful Restaurants

Rome Pasta Favorite: Cacio e Pepe

Will we ever run of of delicious foods to enjoy while in Rome?

The answer: Never!

While there are obvious Roman classics like spaghetti alla carbonara, the humble yet delicious cacio e pepe – a long-time favorite among Romans, is worthy of equal praise. ‘C193px-Pecorino_grattugiatoacio’ is pecorino in the Roman dialect, and pepe means pepper – thus this classic pasta dish has two main ingredients: pecorino cheese and black pepper. How did such a simple dish become so favored? Well, one theory is that it was an easy meal for shepherds who spent months at a time tending their flocks. A wedge of pecorino and some pepper were easy to transport, don’t spoil and provide a satisfying meal.

Continue reading Rome Pasta Favorite: Cacio e Pepe