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Grape harvest Tuscany

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Harvest Time in Tuscany

Summer is traditionally the most popular time to visit Italy, but we’re here to make an argument in favor of autumn in Tuscany.  Autumn means harvest time when many of the country’s most popular food and drinks are produced for the rest of the year. If you plan your trip right, you could be in Italy to witness the harvest process and taste the year’s fresh bounty firsthand. You can enjoy the harvest even while staying in Florence by taking great day trips to rural Tuscany. Read on for our tips about how to make the most of the harvest time in Tuscany during your next trip!

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Taking a Vintage Vespa Tour of Tuscany

Italy Perfect Reservation Team member Kelly shares her fun experience of taking a vintage Vespa tour of Tuscany from Florence.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Florence is a marvelous city to explore. Famous for many things, including its outstanding museums bursting with treasures, a myriad of beautiful churches, gorgeous architecture, epic dining and world-class shopping, this capital of Tuscany has long been a favorite of travelers for generations.

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6 Free Things to Do in Florence by Italy Perfect

6 Free Things to Do in Florence

Florence is a once-in-a-lifetime type of place, and you want to make sure you see it all while you’re there. We understand the potential stress of narrowing down an itinerary that fits with your budget, and so we’ve created this handy list of six free things to do in Florence! From world-famous museums to delicious markets to peaceful church services, we’ve got something that will appeal to every type of traveler in your group.

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Announcing Felicita, Italy Perfect’s Newest Florence Apartment

The newest addition to our Florence luxury apartments is Felicita, a bright and beautifully laid-out 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment in a fabulous historic center location.

Views? Check! Terrace? Check? Lovely decor? Check! Elevator? Check! Air Conditioning? Check!

We love the Oltrarno area of Florence, just on the other side of the Ponte Vecchio bridge but only a few minutes walk from the bustling downtown area. A calmer atmosphere pervades this area, with wonderful restaurants, artisan workshops carrying on centuries-old traditions of art restoration, gilding, jewelry making, bespoke shoemakers and antique shops. We think you’ll love this area too and the special location of the Felicita apartment on picturesque Piazza Santa Felicita. Continue reading Announcing Felicita, Italy Perfect’s Newest Florence Apartment

How I Started Italy Perfect Vacation Rentals

Lisa Byrne, founder of Italy Perfect, shares her story of Casetta Bonsi, the little house in Florence that gave Italy Perfect its start.

I can’t tell you how many times people say to me “I wish I had your job!”

I’m so lucky to wake up excited to go to work every day, to share my love of Italy with others and to help guests achieve their dream trip to Italy. We reached a major milestone this month, Italy Perfect is celebrating 15 successful years in business! During that time we have helped over 30,000 travelers enjoy a stay in one of the over 150 vacation rentals properties that we’re proud to represent. We so enjoy hearing from returning guests who first came on their honeymoon, now returning with the family in tow. It gives us pleasure to learn about each client’s reason for visiting Italy, whether it is to celebrate an anniversary, retirement or graduation, or to reconnect with long lost Italian relatives, the desire to indulge in Italian hospitality, culture and food is a given.  Thank you all for your business and for the wonderful referrals of friends and family. Continue reading How I Started Italy Perfect Vacation Rentals