March Madness Discounts in Florence

Spring is around the corner and we’ve scored some outstanding discounts for our cherished guests on bookings made this month. These hand picked Florence apartments are all of the finest quality. Discounts of up to 20% if you confirm by April 1, 2018 for stays any time during 2018! Valid on new bookings from  March 11, 2018. Cannot be backdated for existing reservations.

1-Bedroom Apartments

Diana –  Enjoy  living in a true Italian palace and strolling to all the sights in this city treasured for its art.

Nido – A charming studio nestled in the heart of Florence.

Rondine – Sunny studio loft near Santa Maria Novella.

Falco – A warm and cozy feeling apartment in a fine palazzo. A special feature is a private terrace with a view of Florentine rooftops.

Torella – This amazingly sun filled apartment with terrace is at the top of a Renaissance palazzo that faces the Uffizi gallery.

2-Bedroom Apartments

Artemesia – A gracious luxury apartment in the finest part of central Florence with all amenities and a very nice view.

Beatrice – This elegant apartment can be a highlight of your stay in Florence. It overlooks a wonderful Baroque church that adds an unforgettable historical touch to your stay.

Sandra – This apartment is especially large and luminous with comfortable and gracious living room with a view of the Duomo.

Caterina – Spacious and gracious, this apartment is right in the heart of Florence.

Rallo – A roomy and bright two bedroom apartment in the center of Florence, ideally suited for two couples or families.

Merlo – Spacious, rambling two bedroom apartment plus loft apartment in center of Florence.

3-Bedroom Apartments

Caravella – A bright and charming home overlooking the monuments of Florence and the Arno River.

Giovanna – A terrace is a lovely amenity in this recently renovated and roomy apartment. Look at the photos!

Vela – A large and bright apartment with lovely views of the Arno river and the storied galleries of the Uffizi.

You’ll love these Florence apartments, which include an array of private concierge services to book tours, arrange a private chef or set up a Tuscany wine tour. Contact [email protected] to book your stay! Or call 1-888-308-6123.

Architects at War – Bernini versus Borromini

While strolling through Rome, it’s impossible to miss the city’s elaborate and delightful Baroque architecture and art. Much like Florence is the showcase of Renaissance architecture, Rome is a jewel box of Baroque design. Of course, you’ll find a little of everything on display in the Eternal City, including buildings and ruins that span centuries and styles from 2,000 years ago to the most modern. Yet Rome’s Baroque architecture and fountains are among its most appealing sights.

Incredible perspective at Borromini’s Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza Church

You can enjoy the Baroque masterpieces at every turn in Rome due to the genius and the rivalry in the 1600s of two master architects and artists, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini. According to the stories, Bernini was quite popular and sought-after along with clearly being a prolific sculptor and architect. He is famous for designing St. Peter’s Square, the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona, and sculpting stunning statues that include the incredible Apollo and Daphne and many more.

Borromini  had a more difficult personality that may have lost him some commissions, but his works are spectacular in originality and beauty. Look at the unique dome and bellfry of Sant’ Ivo alla Sapienza or the sense of movement on the facade of the Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. He was not only a master of the Baroque style, but also an innovator unafraid of creating completely new designs.

Enjoy a view of one of Borromini’s masterpieces from our Angelina apartment in Rome

Italy Perfect’s Angelina apartment is directly in front of one of Borromini’s churches where you can admire, as they say, his ability to use marble and stone to flow like fabric. Interestingly, in the same church, Sant’ Andrea delle Fratte, there are two original Bernini statues of angels, the models for the series of large angel statues he created for the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge.

The stories of their rivalry include Bernini sculpting figures of  the rivers  in the Four Rivers fountain in Piazza Navona  once hiding his head and another raising his hand to shield his eyes from the view of Borromini’s Sant’ Agnese in Agone church facade just in front.  (Although the timing isn’t quite right, it’s still a good story!) It’s also said that Bernini aimed the rear of the charming Elephant and Obelisk sculpture in front of Santa Maria Minerva at Borromini’s home.

Whether or not the stories are true, it’s thanks to the talent of these two remarkable architects and artists that we can enjoy the atmosphere of Baroque Rome today.

Timeless Views from the Imperial Vista Apartment

The view is heart-stopping. Guests at our Imperial Vista vacation rental tell us that they keep going to the window to see if they are really looking right at the greatest symbol of Rome: the Coliseum.

The building and the apartment are as nice as can be. The two-and-a-half bedroom rambling layout allows guests to enjoy each other together or separately in different areas. It is so very Italian, with fine pieces of art and thousands of books. The bathrooms and kitchen are very good. The owner, or a member of her family, welcomes you with genuine warmth.

The views are so spectacular that they were even featured in the 2013 Oscar-winning movie La Grande Bellezza – The Great Beauty, directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Several party scenes were filmed on the rooftop terrace of another apartment in the building and have the same great view. The movie is reminiscent of the past great hit La Dolce Vita, with its depiction of a dissolute life-style, lots of parties and aimless lives. It’s a good thing there is a lot more to Italian life and culture!

The location is great, the subway is close, grocery store just around the corner. The charming neighborhood Monti is nearby and, of course, the Coliseum, the Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Domus Aurea.

See more photos of this beautiful apartment and find out all about the Imperial Vista vacation rental in Rome here.


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