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Driving in Italy: Most Requested Advice

We have put together some really helpful and practical advice of things you should know about driving in Italy in the blogs linked below. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our guests for our vacation rentals in Italy.

What is it like driving in Italy?

The roads are good and the signage is good. With GPS, navigation is usually pretty good. But you do have to pay attention while driving. The roads and the lanes on the highways are narrower than what you are probably used to. Drivers on the highways may drive really fast and may tailgate. Drivers in the larger cities may be aggressive. In cities there are many motorbikes that dodge around moving cars dangerously.  Whether or not you are using GPS, the words you hear or read are probably unfamiliar so you have to pay close attention to signs. The traffic signs are  totally different and you must review them or you can get into accidents by doing things like going the wrong way on a narrow one-way street or ending up in a pedestrian area surrounded by police. Continue reading Driving in Italy: Most Requested Advice

Villa Rental Questions Answered…Even Those You Didn’t Know to Ask!

AFAR magazine, a leading travel publication, recently interviewed Italy Perfect founder Lisa Byrne for their April 25, 2017 article “How to Rent a Villa in Italy“.  The article offers practical advice and insights that range from how far ahead to reserve to what to expect in terms of price and amenities. The bottom line is that its easier than you think to rent a wonderful villa in Italy if you have help from an expert.

Photos are linked to properties.

Borgo Bucine near Arezzo. Family friendly, quality agriturismo with pool, restaurant and a castle.

If you are dreaming of a wonderful vacation with family or friends to a country or seaside villa in Italy, we can help! We personally inspect and “test drive” every villa we offer to understand the special features, so that we can match your needs and wishes to the villa. Not all villa inspections are as glamorous as you might imagine; we reject many that don’t meet our standards, sharing laughs and frustrations when, upon personal inspection, a promising villa disappoints with negative aspects not obvious in flattering photos or dreamy descriptions. Memorable rejections include an impressive villa that – surprise, surprise – was within earshot of a high speed train that roared by every 30 minutes!  A villa we nicknamed the “Chair Museum” was filled with museum-quality antiques– with many chairs and sofas roped off, so you couldn’t sit in them!  Our funniest was the villa we dubbed ‘Fawlty Towers’ where a workman accidentally cut the power line on a sweltering August day; it was 3 days before an electrician showed up. To top it off there was a church directly next door with loud bells that rang every hour all day and night! Continue reading Villa Rental Questions Answered…Even Those You Didn’t Know to Ask!