Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the information you need about a Italy Perfect vacation. From details about renting with us to all the amenities, we'll help you plan an unforgettable Italian getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Italy Perfect Vacation Rentals

What kind of business is Italy Perfect?

We are a vacation rental agency that seeks out fine properties in Italy to offer to our fine guests. We have been in business since 2004. We personally visit and inspect every property we offer. We know Italy well and are always pleased to discuss your travel ideas and make recommendations about where to stay. Please see our About page for our story.

We have stayed with Paris Perfect and London Perfect; can we expect the same experience in Italy?

It is a pleasure to welcome Paris Perfect and London Perfect guests. Our Italy properties can be more varied than in Paris and London. In Italy we work with a range of carefully selected properties that run from moderate to luxury. Interestingly, the real estate in Italy is different than in Paris and London, often older by several centuries so properties tend to be more unique.

Like Paris and London Perfect, we do know every property we represent, if you want more information about any of our properties, just ask us! We are very frank in describing each property's attributes as well as drawbacks, if any. We have seen every property personally.

As with Paris and London Perfect we provide a wealth of tourism tips, restaurant suggestions, recommended private drivers, shopping tips and other useful information in your confirmation packet.

Unlike Paris and London Perfect, we do not have a welcome office in each city where we represent properties so please read each property description carefully to determine if early luggage drop off is possible. Many Italy properties price based on the number of guests, for example 1-2 guests pay less than 3-4 guests.

You can expect that the quality of beds, linens, kitchen equipment and supplies will vary by property and amenities such as soap, condiments and toilet paper will reflect their status as “self catering”. In Italy utility costs are the highest in Europe, so some properties charge for electrical consumption over a baseline to encourage conservation. Each property description Things to Note table shows whether utilities are, or are not, included. Television reception can vary from the basic channels to 100s of international channels.

Can we view properties for a potential future stay, or can we have a local friend view your properties before we make our decision?

We are happy to arrange a property viewing when no guests are in residence. There is a $150 USD non-refundable viewing fee which is credited towards your rent when you make a reservation. Viewings can be scheduled only a few days in advance since availability can change up until the last minute. If a property is occupied, we can provide you with the street name and nearest cross street so that you or your friend can walk by to see the general location. For stays of several weeks or months previewing is helpful, but for short stays we hope you feel that you can rely on our personal knowledge, detailed description, maps, reviews, ample photos and videos. It is for our guests that we choose which properties to represent, selecting them for their location or special features such as views or a terrace.

Can you refer me to guests who have stayed at a specific property that I can contact for references?

We visit and re-visit every property we represent and often have worked with the property for many years so that we can accurately address your questions and give you a candid opinion. We believe that our extensive experience evaluating and comparing properties may be more useful than a single guest's experience potentially influenced by their overall travel experience and events such as weather or travel situation and companions. (Example: Honeymooners: "Everything was fabulous!" vs. August guests: "Italy was hot and crowded."). For that reason, we will track down guest references upon request only for stays at a single property of two or more months or for properties that are a minimum of €4500/week. We encourage you to read our guests' reviews for each property under the Reviews tab.

When is high and low season?

Seasons vary by location. High season typically starts in March and goes through the end of October. Low season is November through mid-to-late March, except holiday weeks. Each year the seasons are based on logical ending points (typically Saturdays) and the dates of the major holidays.

Making Reservations

How far in advance should we reserve?

We suggest starting your planning a year in advance. For many properties the high season dates in March, April, May, June, early July, September and October tend to fill up six to nine months in advance. Returning guests often reserve a year in advance as do experienced travellers using airline miles. If your travel dates are inflexible, such as around school and other holidays it’s best to book early so that you have the broadest selection and availability that meets your needs.

What is the minimum booking period?

Some city properties welcome 3-night stays. Check the information on our website and freely ask us for suggestions at [email protected].

Country-side and resort-area properties sometimes have a 7-night Saturday/Saturday pattern but there are also some great properties that are more flexible. Email [email protected] with your ideas and plans; we are happy to make suggestions.

How long will you hold a property if I'm interested in booking it?

We can place a tentative reservation for 24 hours while you organize your plans. Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please see the Terms page.

Can you relax your cancellation policy for our situation?

Unfortunately, we are not able to modify the cancellation policy. We do not insure your stay with the property owners, so we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover yourself in case you need to cancel, as you would do to cover your other travel costs such as airfare. Insurance providers covered guests who purchased Cancel For Any Reason policies for cancellations due to the pandemic.

What is ID Verification and Autohost?

For your safety and trust, we have procedures in place to verify guest identity. As part of the booking process you may be asked to complete ID verification. Failure to complete the verification, or failing the verification, may result in cancellation of your booking. The ID verification is provided by a third party. You can view their full privacy policy here.

Prices and Payments

What's included in the rental price?

One set of sheets per bed, one set of towels per guest. Some properties collect a cleaning fee in cash on check in. The hospitality tax is paid in cash at check in, more information here. Extra utility charges are noted in the Things to Note table on the main property page.  If you would like additional maid service or linens this is usually possible with advance arrangement, please request the information if it is not provided on the Arrival Information section.

Is there a security/damage deposit?

If there is not a cash deposit on arrival, we authorize a damage deposit against your credit card. Cash deposits are noted in the Things to Note Table for each property.

What is the Accidental Damage Waiver?

We pride ourselves on offering fine properties with nice furnishings, antiques, fine linens and top-of-the-line appliances. We want you to feel at home and enjoy every moment of your stay without worrying about any "What ifs?" should something happen. Because accidents happen, our goal is to ease your mind by minimizing your costs if they do. In order to make your stay as worry-free as possible all guests are required to purchase a non-refundable Accidental Damage Waiver that covers you for accidental damage and/or breakage up to $1,500 USD per stay.

The Accidental Damage Waiver covers incidents such as:

  • Knocked over lamps, decorative objects
  • Broken kitchenware, crystal and porcelain
  • Accidental spills on furniture and rugs
  • Stains on bedspreads, mattresses, linens, rugs, drapes
  • Marks and scuffs on walls or furniture
  • Cost to repair electrical appliances broken to carelessness

The Accidental Damage Waiver does not cover:

  • Costs incurred due to negligence or irresponsible conduct
  • Extra cleaning if the property is not left neat and tidy
  • Costs to replace property locks and keys
  • Costs for accidental damages in excess of the maximum $1,500 USD coverage limit
  • Damage or loss that is not disclosed prior to check out
  • Theft, loss or damage to any property owned or brought onto the premises by the guest

Please note: The non-refundable waiver does not negate your responsibility to be respectful of owner's property and to leave it neat and tidy on departure. To avoid erroneous blame, guests must notify their greeter by email or telephone if anything is amiss when you arrive at the property. Damage not reported, or that are the result of negligence/intentional acts, are not covered under this plan.

What are payment options?

We accept payment in US Dollars by VISA, MasterCard and Amex. We also accept payment in Euros by wire transfer.

Why is the per-night price higher for stays shorter than one week?

The price per night for shorter stays is higher because costs are higher. There are economies of scale with one week or longer bookings. Stays of 7 nights are a better value than 4, 5- or 6-night stays since our fixed expenses are proportionally lower. For short stays there are fewer days over which to spread out cleaning, linen service, greeter and administrative costs.

Do you discount for long stays?

We do provide discounts at most of the properties for stays of several weeks or more. The discount varies by property and the season. Since the length of months vary, the monthly rate is for 4 weeks (28 nights). Stays of 30 or 31 nights are priced at 1/28th of the 4-week rate. Please request a quote.

The number of people will change during our stay. Can you prorate the rent at properties with pricing based on the number of people for the nights when there are fewer people?

We do not prorate the rent for nights when there are fewer people. The rent is calculated based on the total number of people in your party. You are renting the entire apartment or villa to accommodate the largest number of guests and for linens for all of them. It may still be more economical to stay in one property than moving to a different one when the size of your party changes.

Do babies and toddlers count in the guest total?

All guests, including babies and toddlers, count in the guest total although we do not charge a guest fee for children age 24 months or younger. Age applies to age on dates of stay, not the date the reservation is made. Age restrictions, if any, are stated in Things to Note in the listing.

Can we pay all or part of the rent in cash upon arrival?

Sorry, but the payment terms do require us to collect full payment prior to your stay.

How much extra should I budget for utilities?

Some properties charge for some utilities which information is located in the Things to Note table for each property description. Each guest has their own usage patterns and habits so it’s hard to give a precise quote but we can usually give you a perspective based on previous guests who have stayed at the property during the same season.

Property Details

Have you visited all of the properties you represent?

We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have about each and every property. We personally visit each property, test out the mattress, use the kitchen, listen for noise, explore the neighborhood, check out the local restaurants and grocery stores so that we can give you an accurate idea of what to expect. We turn down many properties that don’t meet our standards. We recommend that when you shop for a vacation rental in Italy ask the person you are dealing with if they have personally seen the property you are interested in. Many rental companies are advertising listing services with information provided by owners who may overlook problems.

We have allergies, are your properties smoke, dust, feather, fragrance and pet-free?

We prefer to represent non-smoking and no-pets properties for the comfort of our guests but we can't guarantee that our properties are allergen free. There is a wide array of factors out of our control that can be allergen or asthma triggers: laundry soap, fragrances, cooking smells, nearby pets, mildew in ancient buildings, or a neighbor who smokes for which we cannot be responsible. If you would like pillows, duvets, linens or cleaning products, other than what is provided, or linens washed in fragrance-free laundry soap, please request a price quote at least 3 weeks in advance of your stay so that we can see what is possible, and if necessary, purchase for your special circumstance, the cost for which you will be invoiced plus a service fee. Some properties have feather bedding and upholstery stuffing, we cannot guarantee the ability to provide substitutes. In a few cases, we do represent properties that will allow a small pet, subject to an extra security deposit. Please ask about the policy if it’s not stated on the property description. In the case of smoking, it’s still popular in Italy! So even if the property itself is designated non-smoking it’s possible that you’ll find yourself at a cafe, in a building lobby or on the street with smokers near you.

What is the property address so I can find on a map?

The exact property address is provided in the Arrival Instructions, after final payment has been made. The interactive Google map and satellite views on the website will give you a good idea of the location and distances. If you would like a better idea, we can provide information about the nearest cross street. At the request of the property owners the address is not provided until your reservation is fully confirmed for safety and security reasons.

Can you advise us on properties for people with mobility issues?

Since we personally visit each property we can advise you on which properties are best suited for guests with issues of mobility. On our website you will find information on interior steps, elevators, beds, as well as access to transportation in the general area. Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

I'm confused by the types of beds, can you explain?

European beds are different dimensions than what you might be accustomed to. King size beds are rare, replaced instead by the more versatile “dual king or queen” or "convertible king or queen" which are two singles that can be pushed together to make a large bed. Italian Queen sized beds are three inches wider than US. Twin or single beds are slightly narrower than U.S. twins. Few Italian beds have box springs. Most have a wood slat, webbed or wire mesh platform with a thick mattress on top.






Twin / Single

39 × 75 in

0.99 × 1.90 m

36 × 75 in

0.92 × 1.90 m

35 × 79 in

0.9 × 2 m

Double / Full

54 × 75 in

1.38 × 1.90 m

55 × 79 in

1.4 × 2 m


(UK King)

60 × 80 in

1.53 × 2.03 m

60 × 78 in

1.53 × 1.98 m

63 × 79 in

1.6 × 2 m


(UK Super King)

76 × 80 in

1.93 × 2.03 m

72 × 80 in

1.84 × 2.03 m

72 × 78 in

1.84 × 1.98 m

71 × 79 in

1.8 × 2 m

How comfortable are the beds?

Everyone has their own opinion on this topic! Here are some facts to help you evaluate. Few Italian beds have box springs, most have a thick mattress on top of a webbed, wood slat or wire mesh platform. The mattresses will not be plush pillow top style or memory foam. If the description reads "convertible" or "dual" king or queen it is two singles made up together, see dimensions in the question above. King size beds are very rare: tiny elevators, narrow staircases and doorways in ancient buildings present delivery logistics and obstacles. Can we switch out mattresses for your stay, substituting two twins for a queen or vice versa? Sorry, no. Unlike a hotel we don't have an inventory of mattresses available. As far as sofa beds, any mattress that folds has limitations as far as comfort. Day beds usually have solid platforms, again, comfort limitations. In our opinion, sofa beds and day beds are suitable for youthful travellers or children. A double sized sofa bed is best for one adult or one teen or two young children.

Do your properties have WiFi?

Yes, all the properties have WiFi. Internet subscriptions in Italy vary in price by download speed and most owners opt for “adequate for email” speeds. Some countryside areas have spotty reception. Old buildings with thick stone walls usually have poor reception in some areas. Please don’t expect blazing speeds for gaming and video. We cannot control or guarantee the reliability of the internet service at any property.

What television service can we expect?

If the property description indicates satellite [SAT] TV, it will receive some English language news channels. Depending on the subscription, it may or may not include CNN, BBC, MSNBC, SkyNews. This does not mean you necessarily will get English language entertainment such as ESPN, Disney, Cartoon Network and so on that are premium channels not included with basic satellite service. If you have some important television viewing, we recommend using Chromecast to cast online reception to the local television or to play your shows on your PC, tablet or phone.

Is there a coffee maker?

There will be an espresso pot and/or an American electric coffee maker but usually no Nespresso machine.

Do your properties come with a hairdryer?

All of the properties come with at least one hairdryer We don’t provide curling irons or hot rollers for hygiene reasons.

Do you provide plug adapters for personal electronics?

No, we recommend you bring your own plug adaptors so that you have enough for all your personal electronics, easy to find online or in airports. Most personal electronics such as smart phones, laptop computers and tablets are dual voltage and will work if you have a plug adapter. Some appliances, such as electric curlers, flat irons or hairdryers will not work with a plug adapter alone and also require a converter. Check for dual voltage on the appliance.

Is the property stocked with paper products, condiments, soap?

There will be toilet paper to last a day or two, some bathrooms soap, some soap for the kitchen, and detergent for a few loads in the dishwasher and washing machine, salt & pepper. Often there is more but you cannot count on substantial kitchen condiments, or bath toiletries. Because vacation rentals presume a fair degree of independence, you will need to plan a shopping excursion after you check the cupboards. Unlike hotels, only some properties provide bathroom toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath gel.

How noisy is the property?

We try to be as forthcoming as possible in the property descriptions about any noise issues. That said, staying in the center of any ancient city presumes there will be some noise from vehicles and pedestrians. We can express our own experience, but each person has their own threshold when it comes to noise. Even at country properties in bucolic settings a rooster’s crow or a tractor plowing fields can make for an early wake up call. If an apartment’s bedrooms face an inner courtyard or light well, it usually means those rooms will be quieter for sleeping. Bedroom windows that overlook the street mean you may hear the ever-present motor scooter buzzing by, or you might hear the sound of happy diners returning from a night at the local trattoria or the garbage truck making its rounds in the wee hours of the morning. We are happy to advise you on what to expect at each property when it comes to noise. Please also remember that you may not sleep as well when you are jet lagged and in a strange bed and prepare for that. There are white noise apps for your phone.

Will there be any building construction work during our stay? We are concerned about noise, dust, paint fumes, etc.

If we are notified in advance of major construction work, such as scaffolding or roof replacement, we will inform you and will work to come up with a solution if we anticipate that it will impact your stay. Periodic maintenance work to common areas such as painting an apartment building lobby and stairwells is not something that would be considered significant. Remodelling and construction work to other apartments in the same building or in adjoining or facing buildings does not require notice to neighbors and is impossible to predict and is not a situation for which we or the property owner can take any responsibility.

Why do some properties charge extra for utilities?

Each property description indicates if utilities are, or are not, included. Italy is increasing solar power but, for the most part, imports energy sources. As a result, the cost of electricity and gas is the highest in Europe. The exorbitant cost makes Italians very energy conscious and the system of charging for the utilities separately protects property owners from incurring huge utility bills from guests who are not mindful of the expense. The standard process is for the greeter to take a meter reading upon guest arrival and departure and this is charged to your credit card or deducted from your security deposit. For properties where we provide a weekly utility allowance, this is meant to help defray, not eliminate, your utility cost.

Why are Italian homes relatively underpowered when it comes to electricity?

There are attempts to throttle electrical consumption in Italy so property owners face a variety of surcharges and limitations on their usage. For example, the electric company imposes surcharges on all electrical use where the electrical capacity in the entire domicile exceeds three kilowatts (16 amps). Many North American households have six or more circuits each with 16 amps! Three kilowatts are not enough to run two power-hungry electrical appliances at the same time, such as the dishwasher and a hairdryer. Even if you are careful to switch off lights and, say, not run the washing machine simultaneous with the oven, it is still very easy to trip the circuit breaker when appliances on thermostats or timers, such as heaters, air conditioners or hot water heaters start up. The best way to prepare is to limit your electrical usage as much as possible and to ask at check-in where to find a flashlight, the circuit breakers and how to reset it.

Are Italian rental properties equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

In most cases, no. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not required in homes or vacation rentals in Italy. We recommend bringing your own portable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Why don't all Italy properties have window screens and air conditioning?

This is slowly changing but many have neither.  Most Italy Perfect properties have air conditioning, please see the Features Table for each description. When looking for your vacation rental, always check for air conditioning for the warmest months. If your trip is in April, May and June, bear in mind that the weather is usually balmy and few if any Italians will use their air conditioning during these months.  Screens are rare but most properties anti-mosquito appliances. Learn how to use them.

If the apartment is air conditioned, will it have central air conditioning?

Air conditioning us usually individual units in the main rooms of the house, not in the kitchen, hallways or bathrooms. This is so that you only use what you need, when you need it, in order to control energy costs.

Can we control the heat in our apartment/villa?

In most properties you can control the thermostat. Please ask if you need more information. Italian law regulates heat usage in order to control national energy consumption. The heat cannot be turned on, by law, before November 1 or after March 31, unless an emergency law is passed to address a cold snap. Also, some buildings turn down the heat in the middle of the night, so beds are furnished with fluffy comforters. Heat, again by law, is limited to 12 hours/day, so if centrally controlled by the building, it can go off in the middle of the day and middle of night. The same law prohibits setting the thermostat over 21°C or 70°F. When we are chilly at home, we are accustomed to turning up the thermostat. Italians put on a sweater and slippers. We recommend you come prepared with extra layers and slippers in the event of a cold snap during spring and fall, and to help control your expenses in winter if utilities are charged separately.

How do Italians dry their clothes if there isn't a clothes dryer?

You’ll get to learn a lot about your Italian neighbors by observing the laundry on their lines. You’ll notice that this is a morning routine: wash clothes early in the day so you can get them out to dry before heading out for the day. Many Italians often employ a cleaning lady who spends much of her time doing “laundry management”: washing, drying and ironing. Given the high cost of energy, dryers are expensive to run and Italians believe they damage clothes, so they are just not commonly used. The cost for dryers themselves is high as well. When you do find dryers, they can be finicky. Properties with washing machines have a collapsible drying rack. Heated towel racks in the bathroom are a convenient way to speed up the drying process in winter when the central heat is on since the heated towel racks are tied into the heating system.

Are your properties wheelchair/handicap accessible?

Regretfully no. There are no building codes/standards for disability compliance. From a practical standpoint, properties dating back centuries do not have elevators, doorways or hallways designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Many buildings have small steps or uneven floors at the entrance or in the lobbies. Some apartments have internal stairs and/or raised floors to accommodate plumbing/renovations. If you have a specific question for your personal situation, please contact our Reservations department.


Will we need a car when staying in the Tuscan countryside?

Yes, a car is essential when staying in the Tuscan countryside. Even if there is a small village within walking distance, public transportation in the countryside can be infrequent. Without a car you will be somewhat stranded at your country property, spending much of your day walking to remote bus stops and at the mercy of potentially infrequent buses. You will not be able to easily get to grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, let alone the cultural highlights. If you are fearful of driving, we recommend you stay instead in Florence where the city sites are walkable and you can easily hire a driver or take busses or trains to the other Tuscan towns and cities.

Where can I obtain travel insurance?

In today’s changing travel environment, it’s important to protect your travel investment so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Unforeseen events such as flight delays, baggage loss or even a sudden sickness or injury could impact your travel plans. For your convenience, we have partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.

The Sun Trip Preserver plan by Red Sky Travel Insurance provides cancellation and interruption services as well as emergency assistance and travel services.

The travel insurance is optional but can be easily added to your booking when you make your reservation. Please note: Travel Insurace must be added at the time of booking or before the final payment is due.

To learn more about Sun Trip Preserver or to file a claim, please visit

Helpful Links:
•    Sun Trip Preserver – Why Buy?
•    Sun Trip Preserver Plan Summary

If you would like to find your plan, you can visit this page, under 'Find My Vacation Rental Management Company or Ski Pass Provider' please select Vacation Perfect.

Arrival/Check In

I have a reservation, where can I find the property address?

The Arrival Instructions with the property address and useful information is downloadable from your guest portal after final payment has been made. The documents are under the Arrival Documents link on the menu on the side. We strongly recommend you take the time to print and read these materials in advance of your stay.

Our flight/ship arrives early in the morning. What's the earliest we can check in?

The regular arrival time is in the early evening, usually between 5 and 7 or 8 pm by appointment. From your Guest Portal, see the Property Details page and Notes for Arrival as well as Things to Note. The only way to guarantee an early check-in is to reserve the apartment for the night before. By reserving the night before it will be ready for check in as early as 9 am. If the property is not booked the night before your arrival, please check with us about a week before you arrive to see if an early check in is possible. For families with children or seniors who might need a rest after a long flight, we strongly recommend booking the night before so that you can settle in right away if you arrive in the morning. You will gain most of a day by being able to arrive, unpack, shower and then get out for lunch and enjoy the afternoon in your destination.

Can we drop off our bags if we are arriving early?

Early check in needs to be arranged in advance. If a greeter is not available before, usually, 5 pm, we recommend checking your luggage at the local train station’s luggage check facility or other luggage check services such as Stasher until your check in appointment. You also may reserve the night before your arrival to guarantee an early check in. Please discuss early check ins with us as soon as possible.

How late can we check in?

The standard check in time is typically between 5 and 7 or 8 pm, depending on the property. For check in later than this, up until 10 pm, please ask with us in advance to see if a greeter is available for a late arrival. Not all properties have this capability. If a greeter is available for a late arrival there is a supplemental late greeting fee that ranges from €50 to €75 paid on arrival to the greeter. There are generally no check-ins after 10 pm so please plan your travel carefully. If you find yourselves enroute with delays, contact your greeter by text or telephone to reorganize your arrival time. We are in the US, so may not be on duty at that time, always best to contact your greeter. We cannot arrange to leave the keys somewhere for you to pick up nor do we mail them to you in advance. When planning, keep in mind the additional amount of time required for obtaining baggage, clearing customs and transportation which can easily add up to two or more hours to your arrival time. The confirmation contains instructions on what to do in the event of travel delays or flight cancellations.

Is there a doorman onsite to help me with luggage, call taxis, receive deliveries?

These are self-catering properties, so no doorman or concierge such as a hotel provides. A few luxury properties do have on-site service. With your reservation confirmation we can recommend a concierge services if you require additional services. If you want to know if these services are available at a specific property please ask us. Some city properties have a doorman/portiere. A portiere is the building maintenance person responsible for keeping the public areas of the building clean, oversee repairs to common areas but not assisting residents or rental guests.

We will be freewheeling around Italy, and want to keep a loose agenda. How do we go about checking in if we don't know what time we'll be arriving at the property?

You will need to set up a check in appointment in advance of arrival because every guest is welcomed in person and introduced to the property. Keyless entry and key pick up at a central location are not prevalent in Italy. Unlike a hotel, there is no one on duty throughout the day to admit you if you show up without an appointment or call that day on short notice and request to be admitted. Our greeters often have multiple check ins and check outs each day in several locations which is why scheduling a check in appointment well in advance of your stay will benefit you saving you time waiting around until the greeter can finish other business and go to the property to admit you.

How do we get the keys to the property?

After you provide your arrival details on your Travel Detail page of the Guest Portal, please a month in advance, we will schedule one of our local English-speaking Italy Perfect colleagues to personally greet you at the property, familiarize you with the home, provide you with the keys and answer any questions you might have since coordinating a smooth arrival is one of the most important aspects of a comfortable stay for our guests. We don’t mail the keys to you or leave them at a nearby location for you to pick up and keyless entry is not yet prevalent in Italy. The Arrival Instructions document explains how to contact your greeter to reconfirm your check in appointment. For check out, the greeter will explain the  procedure. During your stay the greeter is available by phone to address any property-related questions or issues.

How do we communicate with the greeter upon arrival since we don't speak Italian?

All of our greeters speak English. Best form of communication in advance of arrival is with Whatsapp on your mobile phone. Install, test before traveling.

Why does the greeter need a copy of the photo page of my passport at check in?

There is a legal requirement to register you with the police. Should a problem occur requiring police involvement, you or the property owner must provide proof that you have registered with the local police. We recommend bringing along a copy of the photo page of each guest's passport so your greeter doesn’t have to take a photo of your passport on their personal phone.

Can we hold a party or event at our rental property?

Per the rental terms, parties, celebrations and hosted events are not permitted in the property without advance approval. In many cases permission is not possible due to rental license and insurance restrictions. If you would like to entertain please ask us for details of the maximum number of visitors. Should your number of people exceed this limit we would be pleased to recommend alternative venues.


We will be in Florence/Tuscany/Venice and are flying out of Rome. How can we get back to Rome in time to make our early morning flight?

If your flight is in the morning out of Rome and you are coming from elsewhere, we recommend staying in a hotel near the Rome airport.

Can we get a late departure, after 10am?

If you need to stay in the property for the day, then you should reserve an additional day. Sometimes, if there are no guests arriving after your departure, then a bit later departure may be possible. Check with your greeter on arrival.

Concierge Services

Can you provide extra services, such as a chef, tour guides, airport pick up, trip planning?

Happy to help. In most cases, renting a villa or apartment in Italy presumes a fair degree of independence on your part. We are happy to recommend concierge services for services such as restaurant reservations, organize tours or museum reservations and chef services for a supplemental fee. For private drivers please contact us for a recommendation.  


What do I do if a problem arises while I'm staying at one of your properties?

Your Arrival Information document provides the name of your greeter, a local English-speaking contact for you to contact in the event of a problem or a needed repair.

Travel Agents

Do you pay travel agent commissions?

Travel Agents: We respect the fine work of our agent colleagues. Italy Perfect does not pay commission; we can add a service fee for you, just advise how much. Contact us immediately after the guest stay for billing instructions. Invoices must be received within 3 months after the guest stay.


Would Italy Perfect like to donate a stay in one of your properties as an auction item to raise money for our charitable cause?

Thank you for thinking us for your charity fundraising efforts. We are happy to work with your organization's members if they would like to sponsor a stay and underwrite the cost. Italy Perfect will work with the member to define the terms and value. We will provide a voucher along with photos and copy for the auction catalog in the name of the sponsor after terms have been agreed to and payment has been received by Italy Perfect so that the underwriter can donate it as an auction item.

Travel Writers

Who do we contact about interviewing you and/or writing about your service?

Thank you for your interest. Please send an email to [email protected] with your assignment.