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There are so many wonderful areas to explore in Italy. See the historic buildings of Rome, the Eternal City, or relax in a Villa in Tuscany.

Enjoy the romance and glamour of Venice, or take in the stunning sites of Amalfi.

Here you will find our guide to the best areas to visit in Italy.

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Enjoy Rome

Visitors to Rome soon realize the truth of the ancient saying that "a lifetime is not enough" to appreciate this city that has so many layers.

The Eternal City has played a leading role in world history for three thousand years, each epoch laying down layers on the physical city and on the Italian soul. The mild Mediterranean climate ensures tourists can enjoy the sites year-round.

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Enjoy Florence

Florence is the jewel of Tuscany, an immortal city so filled with art that fully one third of the recognized art treasures of the world are found here.

Florence is also a city bustling with commerce and tourism. It has been so since the time of the Medicis who rose to power through business and banking. Florence or Firenze was once Florentia, the city of Flowers, a name that belies the historic military might of the Florentine Republic and the power it has exerted in trade and commerce.

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Enjoy Tuscany

Relax, Tuscany calls you to enjoy a holiday villa, apartment, or cottage in the area of Italy known for the courtesy of its people, the beauty of the landscape, fine cuisine, excellent wine, and olive oil.  A vacation rental in Tuscany may give you the perfect combination of leisure and culture.

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Enjoy Venice

Venice is a dream, the most unique city on the earth with canals for roads, hidden piazzas, and the glorious treasures of the Venetian empire. Married to the sea since its founding, Venice has long celebrated the symbolic marriage in an annual ceremony. Do not miss a chance to enjoy this enchanting city.

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Enjoy Amalfi

This dreamy area has been popular since, at least, the times of ancient Roman and Grecian empires. You can even visit sites from those storied times including Pompeii, Tiberius' Villa on Capri and the Greek temples at Paestum.

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Enjoy Emilia-Romagna

This beautiful region concentrates pleasures and activities of every kind. 

The handsome cities of Bologna, Parma, Piacenza, Modena, Ferrara, Rimini and Ravenna are glorious with history and art. Parma, the home of Giuseppe Verdi, invites you with music. The rolling countryside leading into the Apennines is dotted with ancient castles, rolling fields and cool forests. 

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