Rome’s Enchanted Evenings: City Sparkles By Night

One of Rome’s special pleasures is strolling through the city at night when locals and visitors alike enjoy the many riches that Rome has to offer: wine bars, feasting on Roman cuisine and gazing on iconic monuments and fountains. Rome is optimally walkable as you wander from one beautiful piazza to the next to find either a burbling fountain or a monument artistically illuminated for your delight.

Enjoy a serenade (the word actually means evening music) by a street musician or opera singer as you stroll the city at sunset, perhaps on your way for a cocktail before enjoying a wonderful dinner. After dinner, you should consider enjoying your walk with a gelato or a digestivo beverage at a piazza-side bar. See our blog on the iconic “truffle” gelato in Piazza Navona.

Rome’s Mediterranean climate assures that enchanted evenings in Rome occur year round.

Throughout Italy, the evening stroll or promenade is called the passeggiata that you can witness and enjoy of an evening in the piazza of any town in Italy. Children chase and hide, teens gather, giggle and flirt, adults exchange news and gossip and the community is knit together with this lovely cultural tradition.

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