Pizza By the Slice in Italy

Pizza reigns supreme as a perennial favorite any time of year and just about any time of day! Here’s a brief primer on “pizza al taglio” literally translated as “cut pizza” as in, by the slice.

When we travel in Italy, a favorite fast, easy and inexpensive meal is to enjoy the variety of pizza by the slice options. We go to one of the colorful pizza al taglio specialty shops and select all the different flavors that appeal to us. This is a no-frills dining experience, either eat while standing or crowded around a tiny counter, or packaged up in wax paper to take with you.

Pizza Display

Such a delicious variety of pizza al taglio, it can be hard to choose a favorite!

You usually find classic favorites like margherita, caprese, roasted zucchini, eggplant, onion and potato. Many vendors creatively combine classic and seasonal ingredients for fun and interesting culinary surprises. We just tried tuna and mushroom and loved it. Porcini and potato, yum. Green bean and bacon/pancetta. And if you’ve never tried potato pizza, you don’t know what you’re missing: the combination of paper thin slices of potatoes, olive oil, salt and rosemary are a perfect combo.

Cooked on long sheet pans, the pizza is rectangular and is cut to order.  You can have the shop heat the pieces up for you, or bring them back to your Italy Perfect vacation rental and heat them up “at home”. If traveling with a group or a family, choose several different types and compare and contrast and choose your favorites.

Pizza Caprese and Potato with Porcini

No Italian required, just point to the one you want and show the size with your hands. They weigh to arrive at the price.


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