4 Essential Items to Pack for your Trip to Italy

Packing for your European adventure brings decisions big and small. Here are four very useful items we recommend adding to your packing list, without which you could waste or even lose funds and more.  All of the following products have been tried and tested on our own trips to Europe and are available online through the affiliate links.

  1. Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug

    You wouldn’t forget your phone or camera charger but make sure you bring an electrical outlet adapter so you won’t run out of battery life no matter where your adventure takes you. Southern Europe, Northern Europe, the UK and most especially Italy have different electric outlets, and this adapter works everywhere! At $3.20 this adapter is a steal compared to what you might pay at an airport. Be sure to put at least one in your carry-on. Buy 5 of them. Really.

  2. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Money Belt

    Keep your documents, emergency cash and cards safe and close all the time while traveling with this two pocket money belt. Thieves and pickpockets are on the lookout for unsuspecting travelers who keep their most valuable items in their pockets, unzipped pouches or gaping purses. We love this travel wallet because it is made of such a soft fabric that you might even forget you’re wearing it, but you won’t forget your passport because it will be under your shirt. We’ve had ours for years and you will too!

  3. Isotoner Women’s Terry Slippers

    These are light, soft, plastic soled slippers that keep our toes warm and soles clean while on the airplane or lounging around our vacation rentals. Slippers are not a priority footwear when living out of a suitcase, but at 3 ounces, these take up the space of a pair of socks and your feet will be thanking you for a break from your more rugged travel shoes. Also, slippers for men.

  4. Multi-Lingual Phrase Passport with Gluten and Allergy Info

    This award winning phrasebook provides 1200-plus key phrases for international travel while managing gluten free diets, celiac, food allergies and intolerances. Even if you don’t have any allergy concerns, this passport sized phrase book is an invaluable resource when dining out. It has translations in Italian, French, German, and Spanish. You wont be able to find any other phrase guide at an airport bookstore that has such a great size-profile and with specific attention to food allergies.

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Buon Viaggio!

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