3 Best Ways to get from the Pisa Airport to Florence

To get from the Pisa Airport to Florence, there are three usual ways: by train, by bus and by private car directly to your vacation rental. You don’t need or, probably want, a rental car in Florence, but you could do it all the same. Here is all the information you need to decide on which service works best for you.


  1. Train 
    1. Buy tickets for full journey at kiosk in airport or in train station.
    2. Get to main Pisa train station. Two options:
      1. Take PisaMover bus that leaves every 5-10 minutes from the airport to the Pisa central train station, 10 minute intervals.
      2. Take the automated People Mover train/shuttle from right outside the arrivals terminal at the Pisa airport every 5-8 minutes that stops at a parking lot then on into the main Pisa train station.
    3. Catch the next train to Florence, no reservations needed. Trains leave approximately every half hour and the journey takes from 50 minutes to 75 minutes depending on the train to Santa Maria Novella SMN the main Florence train station.
    4. Walk out the front of the train station. The taxi rank is to the left, queue up and take a taxi to your vacation rental in Florence
    5. Luggage lifts 4 = onto bus or shuttle, then off the bus and onto train, then off the train.
    6. Price: The bus + train will about €10 per person, taxi from the train station, another €15 estimate.
    7. Advantages: inexpensive, train travel is not subject to road traffic delays. Disadvantages: You could wait for half an hour for the next train, three forms of transportation,  so elapsed time could be 2+ hours.
  2. BusTerravision
    1. Buy ticket at airport
    2. Bus leaves about 1 x hour during the day.
    3. Bus delivers you to a location near the central Florence train station Santa Maria Novella SMN.
    4. Go up the steps (about 15) to the front of the train station The taxi rank is to the right as you face the station, queue up and take a taxi to your vacation rental in Florence.
    5. Bus transport time @ 1 hour.
    6. Luggage lifts 3 = onto bus, off the bus, up the steps to the train station to get a taxi.
    7. Price: Bus @€5/per person + taxi from the train station, another €15 estimate.
    8. Advantages: inexpensive. Disadvantages: You could wait up to an hour for the next bus, steps in front of train station, and elapsed time could be 2+ hours. Some poor internet reviews for the service in Rome, Pisa, London…
  3. Private car transfer
    1. Reserve transfer service in advance. We recommend Tours in Tuscany www.toursintuscany.com
    2. They will meet you as you exit customs and escort you and your luggage to your private car that will take you directly to your vacation rental in Florence.
    3. Time is about an hour.
    4. Luggage lifts 0.
    5. Price: €190 for party of 4.
    6. Advantages: fastest, easiest, minimal logistics. Disadvantage: higher price.

    Buon viaggio!

This information was updated in August 2017. Anything could change over time, so links to resources are embedded.

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  1. Jim Heatley says:

    I like the “to the point” approach of this article.

    We will be at the Bardi property this fall for a month. One place we’ve not visited in Tuscany is Cinque Terre. Is there a similar article on planning a short visit from Florence to the coast? We are flexible and would consider train of rental car. We assume we should plan to stay over one night?

    • Italy Perfect says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. We will work on that information. Yes, you should spend a night. Best regards, Italy Perfect Team

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