I Didn’t Think I Would Need Travel Insurance.

If hell opens up and swallows your vacation, you might need travel insurance.

We hear this sad lament when travelers have to cancel their trip due to an unanticipated, usually medical, issue or they miss their trip altogether, as many travelers did in 2010 when the volcano in Iceland erupted, disrupting travel throughout Europe and leaving travelers stranded.

With the recent news of Icelandic volcano eruptions brewing, and the potential for travel disruptions, we want to emphasize the value of good travel insurance. When the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland erupted in 2010 we had travelers stranded all over. Some never made it to Italy, others had to stay in Italy extra days until their flights were rescheduled. Our favorite travel insurer Travelex covered delays experienced by our guests. They haven’t yet made a formal statement regarding the current events, but we expect the same fine service as before.

We recommend travel insurance from Travelex. Their policies can cover all elements of your trip. Don’t buy the little single-element policies that all providers seem to offer, one overall policy from Travelex should cost less and cover more than the little pieces. Heaven forbid you have to make a claim, imagine going after all those little policies and find out what falls through the cracks between them. Travelex also takes “first position”, not requiring you to prove that another insurance (homeowners, auto, medical) doesn’t cover your claim.

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