Palazzo Valentini – A Rome ‘Must See’

Make it a ‘Must See Top Eleven’ list for your Rome visit with the new Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini. Deep under the palace conveniently located in Piazza Venezia, near the gleaming Victor Emmanuel Monument (fondly called the wedding cake), is a modern exhibit that promises a fascinating 1.5 hour tour.

Original mosaics under the ruins

The remains of two luxury Roman homes with their original baths, mosaic floors and colorful frescoes are exhibited as-is, and then with computer generated projections of their original appearance. Good audio and guided commentary. Walking in the dark on vast glass floors over the illuminated ruins is fun. The guided tour ends in a super video that unrolls the story depicted in friezes on Trajan’s Column, detailing how the freizes illustrate the story of Emperor Trajan’s fascinating two campaigns two thousand years ago to Dacia (where you now find Romania) and the process of Roman military campaigns. Must book ahead, better to use online service by clicking here.

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  1. Mary Miller says:

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