Frappe’ Sweet Fritters Chase Away Winter Blues

February might bring the winter blues but it also marks Carnivale season when you can enjoy frappe’, a yummy seasonal Italian pastry. Like potato chips, nobody can eat just one!

Frappe’ are flaky strips of deep-fried pastry dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. Different regions have different names for these tasty treats. Whatever the name they are delicious. If you’re in Italy in February and spot them in bakery windows be sure to indulge.

Photo by Alessio Cruciani (CC)

2 Responses to “Frappe’ Sweet Fritters Chase Away Winter Blues”

  1. Elisabetta Reale says:

    Yes, they are very tasty and crispy.
    In Sorrento we name them “chiacchiere” , that means “small talk”.

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