Behind the Canvas: An Interview with Sherrie Russ Levine on Art & Italian Living

Artist Sherrie Russ Levine at work painting in Florence.

Few places in the world inspire artistic creativity like Italy. We’re pleased to introduce our readers to Sherrie Russ Levine, a talented artist captivated by the timeless allure of Italy. As one of the co-owners of the Maestro fractional co-ownership apartment in Florence, Sherrie spends part of each year in Florence enjoying Italian living with plenty of time to seek out inspiration for her beautiful artwork. In this exclusive interview, Sherrie offers a behind-the-scenes look at finding artistic inspiration in Italy and the seamless fit of fractional co-ownership into her creative lifestyle.

What first drew you to Italy and sparked the passion to live here?
I’ve been traveling to Italy for years for painting workshops and artists retreats, and really felt ready to come here on my own to paint. So my passion to capture the golden light of Tuscany and my husband’s love for travel is what drew us here!

How has becoming a fractional owner been the right fit for you?
For me becoming an owner of the Maestro apartment takes away the hassle of finding good accommodations. We also get to know the neighborhood and make local friends as well. Leaving me with quality time to paint spontaneous works in oil that I can only get when painting out on location en plein air.

What do you love about living in Florence in particular? Any favorite spots you’d like to share?
Hands down what we love the most is the food and architecture of Florence. One of our favorite spots to visit is The Rooftop Terrace of Hotel Villani for cocktails with its panoramic view of Florence!

Has the time living in Italy inspired you and/or your artwork?
Absolutely. Just when I think I have run out of new ideas to paint, the second two weeks stay rolls around and I get to go back and search for new vistas to paint in the city and Tuscany!

Enjoy living at home in Italy at the Maestro!

Find more of Sherrie’s paintings of Italy, Paris and other beautiful landscapes on Instagram @SherrieRussLevine and visit her website for more information. Dream of living in Italy? Learn more about fractional co-ownership with Italy Perfect in Florence!

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