Falling in Love with Amore: A Before & After Apartment Transformation in Florence

Florence two bedroom vacation rental apartment

The Amore: An apartment just as stunning as its Florence view!

Our passion for finding the most beautiful vacation rentals in Italy means we know what it takes to create the perfect home away from home for an Italian holiday. With our stunning Amore apartment in Florence, we knew from the first moment we stepped inside that it had the potential to be a very special vacation apartment. However, it needed an interior as fabulous as its central location near the Ponte Vecchio bridge and its stunning wraparound penthouse level terrace overlooking Florence. We had the chance to work our magic and in the process fell in love with Amore. Are you ready to see the before and after transformation of the Amore apartment in Florence?

A Dream Terrace in Florence

Florence vacation rental with terrace

AFTER: Sit back, relax and take in the exceptional views over Florence from Amore.

We like to call the enormous wraparound terrace the jewel in the crown of the Amore apartment. Even though the apartment needed a lot of TLC when we first saw it, the terrace was one of the largest and most beautiful we had ever seen. The view goes from the hills around Florence over the rooftops and historic towers to Brunelleschi’s masterpiece, the dome of the Duomo, one of the wonders of the world. A view like that certainly needed a more beautiful terrace for taking it all in!

BEFORE: The terrace needed a modern update.

At the first viewing, the apartment had an assortment of mismatched furniture spread out along the terrace and odds and ends of planters. Already equipped with water and nicely tiled, it really didn’t require too much more than a re-imagining of the space and new outdoor furniture.

BEFORE: What a view! But some work was in order.

With only a tiny bistro table outside, we knew we wanted to create a proper outdoor dining area where guests could dine al fresco with the view of the Duomo as a backdrop. Absolutely magical! With that idea in mind, we created two separate areas, one for dining and one for lounging. The table now comfortably seats four and the spike covered railing has been removed to open up the view. Now that’s amore!

Florence vacation apartment rental

Dreamy views from the Amore apartment rental in Florence.

Guests now rave about the terrace and how much time they spend outside enjoying the views, which stretch out on two sides of the apartment, all the way from the hills of Fiesole to the Forte di Belvedere. In the evenings, it’s the perfect spot to sit outside on the terrace and marvel at beautiful sunsets.

AFTER: A comfortable lounge area on the long terrace.

Complete with potted Mediterranean plants for a natural touch, the terrace is now a beautiful space for relaxing, reading, doing yoga, napping, dining or simply enjoying cocktails.

Creating a Comfortable Open Plan Living Space

Florence 2 bedroom apartment rental

AFTER: A stylish and inviting living area at the Amore.

Thanks to its penthouse level setting and large windows, this apartment has beautiful light in all of its rooms. The living room was originally a massive space that included a seating area along with a dining area and kitchen. While we wanted to keep the open floorplan for its convenience, the original design left a large empty area in the main room between the entrance and the dining table near the terrace.

BEFORE: Original dining area and kitchen.

The living area was so large that half of it was used as a seating area with a sofa bed, which could be closed off with a curtain to create a second sleeping space. The result was a large open space in the middle of the living room that was underutilized. With over 20 years of experience remodeling vacation rentals in Paris, London and Italy, we are masters at maximizing space and transforming properties. By adding a wall to divide the large living area, we were able to create a second bedroom and use the living room space to create a comforting and beautiful seating area.

AFTER: Entrance to the new second bedroom on the left.

Now the space is utilized and there’s a second full bedroom. A small change in the floor place that created huge results! We are thrilled with how the space was transformed and yet feels as if it has always been designed this way.

AFTER: Dine indoors or outdoors on the terrace.

The dining area was kept in a sunny spot near the kitchen and terrace. Just outside, you’ll find a table for dining al fresco on gorgeous Italian summer days.

AFTER: Simple updates for a timeless Italian kitchen.

While the kitchen is compact, it has everything needed for cooking at home. To update the kitchen, we simply removed some dated tile and kept all the details white to highlight the view from the window looking toward the Florentine hills.

Designing a Beautiful Bedroom

Florence vacation rental near Duomo

AFTER: A bedroom designed for sweet dreams.

Originally a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, our main goal in transforming this apartment was to create a second bedroom in the massive living room area and to expand the large bathroom into two full bathrooms. The existing bedroom was basic but spacious and full of light from the large window. By reconfiguring the bathroom, we created a new doorway opening to a full en suite bathroom from the bedroom.

BEFORE: Large bedroom but there was more potential.

By simply shifting the bed right, there was plenty of space for a doorway to the new en suite bathroom. Large built-in wardrobes added excellent storage and the room is now bright, well-designed and extremely comfortable.

Florence two bedroom apartment

AFTER: A beautiful bedroom full of light.

There’s nothing quite like waking up in a comfortable home setting in Florence and opening the windows to a view of the terracotta rooftop tiles of the city. You can even lie in bed and gaze up at Arnolfo di Cambio’s bell tower in the Piazza Signora, which is located just a block away. The city’s warm tones are echoed in the bedroom’s artwork and decorative pillows.

Bonus: Adding a Second Bedroom!

Italy Florence apartment rental with two bedrooms

AFTER: The stunning new second bedroom.

We love the redesigned bedroom at Amore, but we weren’t done yet! Let’s take a closer look at how we created a second full bedroom and bathroom in this Florence apartment.

BEFORE: The living room seating area with sofa bed.

When we first visited this apartment, the sitting area in the living room around a historic stone fireplace was also used as something of a makeshift bedroom. A large grey curtain could be pulled across the room to divide the space for privacy. While it worked to create a second sleeping area, it meant losing the living room at the same time. There had to be a better solution!

BEFORE: This part of the extra large living room was turned into a second bedroom.

By adding a wall to separate one part of the living room, we were able to create a bright and beautiful second bedroom. The large windows overlook the terrace and the picturesque views over Florence.

Florence two bedroom apartment rental

AFTER: Wake up with a gorgeous view over Florence.

Now how’s that for a room with a view? A large gold framed mirror over the fireplace mantle and an antique chandelier add a touch of warmth to the room that has been picked up with the accent colors in the artwork and bedding. It all comes together to create the perfect bedroom.

Adding a Second Bathroom

AFTER: The second bathroom located just off the living room.

While adding a second bedroom was ideal for travelers looking for an accommodation that welcomed more guests, it was essential to add a second bathroom for a comfortable stay. Since the original bathroom was very large, we were able to divide it to create two full bathrooms.

BEFORE: Spacious but out of date bathroom.

The far end of the original bathroom with the large window was used to create an en suite bathroom for the main bedroom with a lovely step in shower, toilet and sink. The black and white check tiled floor and marble tiles in the shower and on the walls create a crisp, bright and modern design.

AFTER: New en suite bathroom for bedroom 1.

The original bathroom had a long entryway that was a not very well utilized space. But combining the space and part of the original bathroom, there was still space to create a second full bathroom with shower, adding an additional toilet, and a sink.

AFTER: Second bathroom added with a clever redesign.

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a property with so much promise be utterly transformed into an apartment rental that we know will be the setting for so many happy vacation memories. It’s a joy to step into the Amore apartment now and to be able to share it with our guests!

Fall in Love with Florence at the Amore

AFTER: A dream stay at the Amore apartment.

Ready for an enchanting stay in Florence? The Amore apartment is ready to welcome you for an unforgettable Florence holiday stay. Plus, if you’re planning a family vacation or travel plans for a larger group of friends, you’ll find the stunning Concerto and Allegro apartments in the same building. Both of these elegant apartments have two bedrooms and two bathrooms and have been beautifully remodeled and designer decorated just like Amore. Each one has lovely outdoor space and exceptional Florence views too! Read more about the Concerto and Allegro apartments and why we love this remarkable historic location in the heart of Florence.

Book your stay now or contact our team at [email protected] to find out more and to plan your perfect vacation rental stay in Italy!

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  1. Those new bathroooms! says:


    You do a fabulous job with renovating and updating your apartments in Paris and Florence. However, I have a few comments that, as a potential guest and interior designer, I hope you “take to heart”.

    Re: The lavatories in the bath rooms: They look cool, but, for a guest, the questions is: Where do I put my personal belongings, my own bottles and jars, toothpaste tube, etc.? Please consider selecting a smaller lavatory to leave space for personal items.

    Re: the “personal shower”: If it can be put on a bar, it will work much better for people of different heights. This is now standard in the USA for personal showers. I have many clients who choose to have only one shower head, but it is on a bar.

    Keep up the good work, but please make the bathrooms not only gorgeous, but practical for guests.
    Best, Kathryn Long, ASID

    • Laura Thayer says:

      So happy you enjoyed the remodel, Kathryn! Thanks for sharing your ideas too. We love mirrors with storage behind for bathrooms and select those when possible. Thanks for following our remodeling stories!

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