Bardini Gardens & Museum in Florence

Florence is so rich in art that this gem of a museum and adjoining gardens is a bit of a find. While the city of Florence is dense with fine buildings, art and people, a stroll through the Bardini gardens and museum gives you a chance to breathe in beauty.

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Lovely formal, Renaissance gardens rise up from the Arno River to provide beautiful views of the city from a charming garden right in the city.  At the top of the gardens is a nice cafe for coffee or lunch, as well as a treasure of a small museum in the Bardini Villa.

From the top of the gardens, you can pass over to the Boboli gardens, too! Or vice versa, coming from the Boboli gardens.


St. Michael Archangel by Antonio del Pollaiolo


Madonna with Apple by Donatello


Self-Portrait by Annigoni

In addition to special exhibits, the museum has a permanent collection of its namesake, Stefano Bardini, a famous art dealer of the 19th century . The art ranges from works by masters including as Pollaiolo, Donatello and Pisano to collections of ancient architectural fragments to musical instruments and weapons. There is something for everyone in this small museum. The collection of paintings of 20th Century artist Pietro Annigoni is well worth the visit.

Tip: Enter from Via de’ Bardi at the level of the river instead of going to the upper entrance.


Bardini Museum website

Bardini museum hours are 10am to 7pm Monday through Friday. Ticket offices close at 6pm.

More photos of the Bardini Gardens.

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Photos of the gardens by Bradley Griffin(CC), PutneyPics (CC), Kotomi (CC)

3 Responses to “Bardini Gardens & Museum in Florence”

  1. Jessica Ray says:

    Notwithstanding exceptional displays, the exhibition hall has a changeless gathering of its namesake, Stefano Bardini, a well known workmanship merchant of the nineteenth century .

    Jessica Ray

  2. Edna says:

    I visited Florence sometime before, and not visited the Bardini garden museum. But not the same will happen this time.
    Your blog and beautiful images hiked me to visit there.

  3. Ron says:

    Spring in Florence !

    “Yes, a new world surrounds us! Grateful now
    The cooling shelter of these evergreens.
    The tuneful murmur of this gurgling spring
    Once more revives us. In the morning wind
    The tender branches waver to and fro
    The flowers look upwards from their lowly beds
    And smile upon us with their childlike eves
    The gardener, fearless grown, removes the roof
    That screen’d his citron and his orange trees,
    The azure dome of heaven above us rests:
    And, in the far horizon, from the hills
    The snow in balmy vapor melts away…”

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