4 Top Tips From a Fanatic Packer

I confess, I pack with near-military precision, fitting everything into a rolling carry-on bag even for a month-long trip. During my most recent trip — a month in Italy inspecting properties — I moved accommodations every couple of nights because staying in our properties is the best way to inspect.

Packing for a long winter trip takes some careful planning.  Add weather uncertanties and walking several miles a day to get from appointment to appointment, comfortable low-maintenance, interchangeable  layers are my mantra. Keeping my suitcase (I swear by Tumi’s Voyageur Super-Leger International Carry-On) as light as possible was paramount since hauling luggage onto trains, airplane overhead bins, taxis, and up and down stairs, gets exhausting  with multiple moves .

My 4 Essential Packing Tips

  • Keep color palette to a minimum. I favor black, gray, brown with a few colorful accents.

    Pack 2
    Plastic luggage bags are vented at one end so you can squeeze air out, takes up less space.
  • All base layers (Tshirts, pants) should be easily washable and quick drying.
  • Bring several each of basics like tshirts, pants, all in same color.
  • Space Bags Luggage Packs! I have used them for years and bring extras for laundry, jewelry, random stuff to make it easy to pack & unpack. In fact, most of the time I never unpack, I keep everything in the plastic bags and grab what I need from the “shirt bag” or the “pants bag”.

Wardrobe for 4 weeks abroad

Winter travel day outfit, lots of layers. I wear the boots so I don’t have to pack them.

1 pair washable black pants
2 pairs washable black leggings
1 black skirt

Tops & Sweaters
2 black long-sleeved drip-dry tshirt/tunics
1 black cashmere sweater
1 white no-iron cotton blouse
1 white long sleeved Tshirt
1 black down vest
1 gray cashmere pullover
1 gray long cashmere cardigan
1 brown cashmere v-neck & long vest set
1 beige long wool cardigan

This limited wardrobe got me through the month of February in Italy. I’m now ready to burn these clothes!

2 heavy cashmere scarves
2 lighter weight scarves
4 inexpensive necklaces
2 pairs earrings
Black tights

1 pair black boots
1 pair black super-comfortable walking shoes
1 pair heels

The clothes are squished into my trusty, well worn Space Bags plus one bag with PJ’s, sweatpants, undies, socks, tights.

Now that I’m back I have happily retired those clothes for awhile.

Happy Packing and Warm Regards,



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