If hell opens up and swallows your vacation, you might need travel insurance.

I Didn’t Think I Would Need Travel Insurance.

We hear this sad lament when travelers have to cancel their trip due to an unanticipated, usually medical, issue or they miss their trip altogether, as many travelers did in 2010 when the volcano in Iceland erupted, disrupting travel throughout Europe and leaving travelers stranded.

With the recent news of Icelandic volcano eruptions brewing, and the potential for travel disruptions, we want to emphasize Continue reading

Veronese Paolo: Feast at the House of Simon

Top Tips for Visiting your Student Abroad in Italy

A semester abroad is a dream-come-true for many university students — and their family members who come to visit. We recently interviewed Mike, a recent college graduate, who shares with us his wisdom on “do’s and don’ts” for visiting your son or daughter who is studying abroad in Italy. Continue reading