The Best Skiing in Italy Near Rome and Florence

Skiing in Italy

Italy is home to some of the best skiing in Europe. While many of the most noted destinations are in the north of Italy, did you know there are beautiful opportunities to enjoy a day trip skiing not far from Rome and Florence? If you are an avid ski enthusiast, don’t miss this opportunity to see the beautiful Italian landscape from a unique perspective. Book a stay with Vacation Perfect for a comfortable vacation rental to rest and recharge after a fun day on the slopes. For wintry inspiration, here are some of the best ski slopes near our vacation rentals in Rome and Florence.

Monte Livata – Subiaco-Monna dell’Orso

Monte Livata is the only ski resort in the province of Rome, making it an ideal place to visit if you are staying in Rome. The slopes are part of the Simbruini mountain range. This is an excellent spot if you’re traveling to Italy with kids since there’s a park specifically for families. It’s also an excellent place for cross-country skiing, with some of the national championships being hosted at Monte Livata.

Campo Felice

Campo Felice is about 70 miles northeast of Rome and not far for those looking to make a day out of skiing near Rome. Campo Felice is located at Rocca di Cambio, which is a well-known area for its skiing and other winter sports. Specifically, here you will find 20 ski slopes and two snow parks for more winter fun. This is one of the more popular ski slopes in Italy and is well worth visiting if you are staying in Rome.

Consorzio Abetone Multipass

The closest skiing spot near Florence in Tuscany is at Abetone. It’s a beautiful place for those who want to ski for a weekend or a day in the Pistoia Mountains. You’ll find that there are plenty of challenging runs as well as many friendlier slopes for those who are new to skiing. Your children will love the two snow parks, and there are plenty of accessibility features such as equipment, ski instructors, changing rooms and more.

Corno alle Scale Ski

Corno alle Scale is a fabulous ski slope located northwest of Florence. This is an exceptional place for more experienced skiers. However, there are ski instructors so you can easily learn the ins and outs of skiing and still have fun. Eight lifts allow for more than a 1,700-foot dissent down the range.

Make Trails In Italy

The ski slopes in Italy are stunning attractions that are both challenging for avid ski enthusiasts and friendly enough for newcomers to the sport. Get started today with your Italy vacation and plan ahead for your skiing day trip this winter. Relax in a cozy home setting when you return to your vacation rental through Vacation Perfect. To learn more about Italy, read our travel guide to Italy Perfect for more things to do and how to plan your vacation. Contact us on our website or call 1-888-520-2087 for the best vacation rentals in Italy.

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