Most Amazing Art Show in the World – Venice’s Biennale

Find every conceivable kind of art at Venice’s Biennale d’Arte from May 13 – November 26th 2017. This is the largest art exhibit in the world. Really HUGE!  More than 80 countries send delegations to the two large venues and many small ones all over Venice. Wherever you wander in this amazing city during the Biennale d’Arte, original art pieces peek out at you or confront you.

Italian artist Mimmo Paladino displayed in the Italy Pavillion, Biennale 2015

There are many important works. Frankly, we recommend wandering around the city and the exhibits and be astonished by beauty, creativity, drama, fear, pomposity, tragedy, silliness  and profound ideas. At the core, the artists are making statements about the world and life today and there is a very serious side but above all is incredible, transforming creativity.

I couldn’t get enough of the 2015 Biennale. Every single exhibit gave me pause as often I thought “What the heck is this mess all about….ooooh……..very nice (or weird or beautiful or sad).” Some exhibits have more traditional art. One room had about 1000 tiny pictures and paintings filling walls, little jewels, you could spend a while trying to figure out the theme. The Biennale Swiss exhibit in 2015  featured a huge tank of flesh-colored goo (!!!!) at the end of a puzzling path. Just enjoying the reactions of the other visitors was a hoot.

Swiss pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale

Strange and wonderful ideas we recall from past exhibits: warrior masks knitted out of fatigues….huge hangings of bottlecaps…trees with the thrum of sap rising…fish from sardine cans….actors reciting Marx or singing spirituals…a huge room of broken glass…

The artists of the world are busy getting ready for your visit, so we recommend you reserve accommodations now to be fascinated Venice during this amazing time.

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