Is an Italy Vacation Rental or a Hotel Best for You?

Renting a vacation home from Italy Perfect provides some unique benefits. If you are trying to decide whether a vacation home rental or a hotel is best for you here are some trade-offs to consider.


  • More spacious than a hotel room
  • Price-per-night is usually lower, especially stays of 4+ nights
  • A living room for relaxing and for gathering
  • A kitchen so that you don’t have to eat out every meal, saving money and allowing for casual dining with children
  • A washing machine (in most, a few even have a dryer)
  • A more authentic experience; live like a local
  • More special features, such as views or a terrace, at a better value than a hotel
  • Our photos and videos are accurate, you know exactly which apartment you are renting
  • A wealth of travel tips and information to help you plan your trip


  • Fixed check in times in the late afternoon
  • Not good if you are arriving late at night
  • No concierge service for directions, luggage storage, transportation and restaurant reservations
  • No bellman to carry your luggage
  • Extra housekeeping, if available, is paid separately
  • No daily towel change
  • Toiletries – There might be a small supply but don’t count on it. Plan to bring your own soap, shampoo, conditioner. There will be enough toilet paper to last a day or two, after that you purchase your own.
  • Kitchen – There might be a small supply of condiments, but a full selection is not guaranteed. Plan to get to the grocery store soon if you plan to cook to buy condiments, oil, vinegar, paper towels, paper napkins.
  • Wi-Fi is usually free
  • More restrictive cancellation and reservation change policy than a hotel
  • Not advisable for 1 and 2 night stays since the economics don’t work. Many vacation rentals won’t take a 3 nights reservation either.


  • Front desk open round the clock and more flexible check in hours
  • Concierge to help you with directions, taxis, luggage storage, transportation and restaurant reservations
  • Bellman to carry luggage
  • Daily housekeeping & towel change
  • Toiletries provided
  • If you don’t like your room, switching rooms is probably possible
  • Better for very short stays of 1 and 2 nights
  • More liberal cancellation policy


  • Rooms in European hotels are usually tiny
  • You won’t know exactly which room you will get, probably not the best one featured in the hotel’s website photos and view unknown
  • Difficult to get adjoining rooms for families
  • No place to sit other than on the bed
  • Price per night usually higher versus a comparably located apartment
  • Room service, if available, is very expensive
  • Mini bar, if available, astronomically priced; expect to pay $15 USD for a can of Coke.
  • Laundry service cost is astounding and turnaround time is several days
  • Wi-Fi is usually an extra fee
  • More hidden fees, taxes, service charges
  • Expensive for longer stays of 4+ nights
  • Your confirmation will not include any materials such as tourism tips, tour guide suggestions, restaurant lists, shopping tips, and driver recommendations.

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