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Italy Perfect Expert Shares Rome Sightseeing Tips By Italy Perfect Rome Rooftops

Italy Perfect Expert Shares Rome Sightseeing Tips

When I started Italy Perfect nearly 16 years ago it was because I wanted an excuse to be able to go to Italy as often as possible. Rome is my second home. I lived in the Eternal City for many years in my youth, and even though our vacation rental business brings me to Rome several times a year, I’m there to work, not play. You know how it is; you never actually take a real vacation in your hometown. It’s hard to believe, but until my recent staycation, I hadn’t been inside the Coliseum in over 30 years, and my last Vatican Museum visit was in 1999. I’ve been too busy sharing Rome sightseeing tips rather than using them!

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Campo de’Fiori – Today’s Roman Forum

Just as Romans have done for thousands of years, they gather today in Campo de’ Fiori where visitors and locals alike find a beautiful open air market, offering everything from cut flowers to pizza. At night, the piazza transforms into a social hub for young people looking to make the most of the nightlife.

Campo de’Fiori has spent the last 1,400 years transforming from a flower garden – the names translates to “Field of Flowers” – to a thriving market. Six days a week, the piazza is home to the only outdoor market in central Rome. Vendors sell everything from spice packets and limoncello – for the tourist crowd – to fresh vegetables, fruits, and even pomegranate juice.

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