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Architects at War – Bernini versus Borromini

While strolling through Rome, it’s impossible to miss the city’s elaborate and delightful Baroque architecture and art. Much like Florence is the showcase of Renaissance architecture, Rome is a jewel box of Baroque design. Of course, you’ll find a little of everything on display in the Eternal City, including buildings and ruins that span centuries and styles from 2,000 years ago to the most modern. Yet Rome’s Baroque architecture and fountains are among its most appealing sights. Continue reading Architects at War – Bernini versus Borromini

A Dreamy Terrace in Rome

Mediterranean weather makes terraces enjoyable much of the year in Rome which is why finding the perfect apartment with a terrace, or balcony, is at the top of many of our guest’s wish list.

When the weather is pleasant a terrace can be enjoyed throughout the day whether it’s in the morning with a cup of espresso, a long leisurely lunch or at dusk when waves of tiny starlings swoop and dive across the Roman sky.

Apartments in Rome’s historic center with outdoor space, be it an expansive terrace, a petite balcony, a patio or a converted laundry porch, are a much-coveted feature that enhances your enjoyment and gives our guests a true Dolce Vita experience.

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