Enjoy Emilia-Romagna

Parma is a beautiful city with a compact historical center. Of course, enjoy the Parmesan cheese. The city celebrates the Emilia-Romagna native Verdi in a stunning theater.

Bologna is the capital of this province. Stroll under the porticos, covered walkways throughout that date back 1000 years. Climb the mediaeval towers. Visit the medical college museum of the oldest university in the world, the cathedral is splendid and the museum is a gem. Then there is food in this city long famous for dining. Eataly World is a megamart with 45 restaurants and shops with foods from all of Italy. It is a short shuttle ride from the center.

Enjoy Emilia-Romagna

Salsomaggiore is one of the great spa towns with an amazing Art Deco thermal spa. It is a town laid out beautifully for strolling and relaxing.

Ferrara has so many gorgeous sitse including a mediaeval castle that is just perfect, a stunning Romanesque/Renaissance cathedral, museums, galleries.

Modena is the home of Balsamic Vinegar and fast cars including Ferrari and Lamborghini. Medieval tower with panoramic views, palaces, museums and lovely walking.

Casentinesi Forest National Park – Hiking, mountain biking with stops in cute villages including Bagno di Romagna with thermal spas.

Rimini and the Adriatic beach resorts such as Cesenatico celebrate summer in an area popular with Italians.

Ravenna is famous for its stunning byzantine mosaics echo the history of Christendom. And, of course, a beautiful town.

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