Italy Perfect Fractional Co-Ownership - Enjoy la dolce vita at home in Italy

Italy Perfect Fractional Co-Ownership

Enjoy the sweet life in Italy with Italy Perfect Shared, a fractional co-ownership program that makes your living in Italy dreams come true without the costs and hassles of vacation home ownership. Truly feel at home in a beautifully remodeled, luxury apartment in the heart of Florence, one of the most vibrant and historically rich cities in Italy. With Italy Perfect Shared, you physically own part of the apartment, meaning you participate in the real estate value of the property. Importantly, co-ownership is NOT a timeshare or vacation club. Each share represents four weeks per year to enjoy the Italian lifestyle in your own home setting. Since shares are fully deeded, they can be sold or passed on to loved ones.

Italy Perfect Fractional Co-Ownership - Florence Duomo

Our fractional program began with Paris Perfect Shared in 2018, and after the proven success we expanded to Italy Perfect Shared. Our stunning fractional offerings in Italy are the natural extension of our extensive property management and remodeling business. We offer remarkable apartments, all-inclusive annual fees and experienced turnkey management. Step into your own home in Italy with Italy Perfect Shared!


Maestro - Florence Fractional

Maestro - Florence Fractional. Hurry! Only 1 Share Left.

Our first co-ownership apartment is set near the Ponte Vecchio in the historic city of Florence – one of the most beautiful and popular places to live in Italy! We've created your perfect home base in Tuscany, complete with a gorgeous terrace and views over Florence's stylish Oltrarno neighborhood. Take a closer look at the stunning Maestro from Italy Perfect Shared!

Enjoy Italian Living in Florence

Enjoy Italian Living in Florence

A true Renaissance gem, Florence is the perfect spot to fall in love with the Italian lifestyle. It’s full of charm and incredible history – and is the most convenient location for exploring Tuscany. There was simply no place better for our first co-ownership property in Italy! Click here to read about all the things to see and do Florence.

How Will I Choose My Weeks? | Italy Shared Ownership Fractional

How Will I Choose My Weeks?

That’s a great question! In a place where history, culture and beauty abounds, there is never a bad time to visit Italy. Click here for more information about Italy throughout the year and choosing your weeks.

FAQs About Our Fractional Offerings

FAQ About Our Fractional Offerings

We’ve answered the common questions including: how co-ownership works, whether you need an Italian bank account (good news – no!), annual budgets and expenses, special benefits for owners and more. Click here.

Exciting New Trend: Fractional Co-ownership

Find out more about the best new way to enjoy living in Europe! Watch as Maddy, the co-founder of Paris Perfect and Paris Perfect Co-Ownership, shares how fractional ownership works and the perks of the lifestyle. Italy Perfect Shared provides the same ownership opportunity in Italy without the stress and financial commitment of full ownership.

What Our Owners Say About Us

“It is truly such a perfect apartment, a perfect location, and a perfect city to “live” in (or at least feel like you live in.) I so enjoyed getting a taste of Florentine life, and having that time to explore and indulge on my own.”

“The apartment is really magnificent – location is unbelievably perfect and the apartment itself is private, safe and so beautifully appointed. I found all the amenities to be wonderful – not a single thing lacking and I looked, especially for things like kitchen scissors, cutting board, etc. Even found perfect vases for the flowers.”

“The Maestro apartment was absolutely perfect. Morning coffee on terrace, sightseeing all day and getting to come back to such a beautifully appointed, comfortable and quiet apartment was the icing on the cake. It is truly such a perfect apartment, a perfect location, and a perfect city to “live” in.”



We launched our Paris co-ownership program in early 2018, offering deeded home ownership without the overwhelming task of renovating and maintaining a property abroad. Now you can enjoy the same experience in Italy’s most desirable destinations with Italy Perfect Shared. Want to learn more and be first to know about each exciting new co-ownership property? Email us at [email protected] for more information and to be added to our mailing list.


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