Sleeps: 4 Bedroom(s): 2 Bathroom(s): 2

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This apartment has it all: comfort, terrace, all amenities and a very interesting bathtub!


This excellent location is both strategic and fascinating. Just north of Piazza Navona it is on a wonderful historic piazza with buildings that date from the 15th and 16th centuries that sport pedigrees. Wander about to find a café or restaurant to make your favorite as well as fascinating, picturesque or impressive palazzo, church or quaint alleyway. In the same building we also offer the Celeste, Rosa, Bianca and the Viola apartments.


Located in a 15th century building, one of the oldest and most historic in the area, the small piazza is a slice of Roman life. Mothers dropping children off at school, neighbors catching up on the latest gossip, tourists ambling along enjoying the sites. It is beside Via dei Coronari, celebrated as one of the finest streets in Rome.


High in the building, Verdino is full of the warm light of Rome. The terrace is generous, plenty of space for all. Enjoy the ceramic tile roofs, and the attractive buildings nearby, where you are high enough to see the exclusive top floors apartments and terraces.

The spacious living/dining room is under the open beamed ceiling. The kitchen is complete. Find a washer and dryer. Parquet floors throughout.

The front bedroom opens on to the terrace. Imagine greeting the morning and Rome there. (There are shutters.) There is an en suite bathroom. The spacious bedroom two also gets good light. It has a dreamy designer bathroom that is open to the bedroom. Image soaking away your tired feet in that beautiful tub. There is also a shower here. This shower has a ceiling height of 170cm (66 inches).