Sleeps: 4 Bedroom(s): 1 Bathroom(s): 1

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This gem of an apartment with a terrace has wonderful views of the Florentine skyline. The nearby Piazza Santa Croce is a splendid location for sightseeing, dining and appreciating the daily life of Florence.

There are 4 apartments here that, altogether, can accommodate 20 with the use of sofa beds.


We named this apartment and its neighbors after great Italian scientists who are celebrated with monuments in the church of Santa Croce next door. The church, officially a basilica, is called the Pantheon (temple to the gods) of Italy commemorating many Italian creative geniuses from all disciplines with their graves and/or monuments. Navigating the monuments is just one of many ways to enjoy the beauties of Santa Croce.

Eugenio Barsanti was a priest who in 1853, together with Felice Matteucci, invented and patented the very first internal combustion engine that was eventually manufactured in Belgium and sold throughout Europe for factories and naval propulsion. This type of engine made possible the glorious Italian automobile industry that includes Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and more.

Piazza Santa Croce not only hosts the daily life of Florentines, but also entertainment from buskers and larger events such as exhibits, concerts and the annual Calcio Storico, celebrated, amazing historical-style soccer matches. The famous sites of Florence are all walking distance. Super dining and gelato all nearby.


A beautiful contrast to the wonderful renaissance architecture of Florence and the gothic style of the nearby basilica, the palazzo here is of Liberty style (called Art Nouveau in France) and dates from about 1900.


The open-plan living room area opens onto a fine terrace that overlooks the Florence skyline with the hills above the red-tiled roofs.

Enter the apartment in the center up a flight of 10 steps. You arrive facing across the living room to the terrace. In the living area is a queen sofa bed. You can dine at the table across from the sofa, at the island or on the terrace. Each dining location seats 2.

The galley kitchen is next to the terrace door and it has the same great view as the terrace.

Past the entry stairs, find the beautiful Carrara marble of the bathroom with shower before entering the bedroom.

We found this apartment of high quality and, as always, we love this location.

The companion apartments are Da Vinci, Fermi and Marconi.