Venice Aperitivo Private Tour

Learn the history of Venetian cocktails - taste Bellini, Spritz and Prosecco. Visit off the beaten path bars and sample local wines, cocktails, and appetizers.


Per Group (Up to 12 people): $504.00

Tour Details

Our Venice Aperitivo Tour begins in the heart of the city, near the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, and Rialto Market. We’ll ascend to a nearby rooftop terrace, where we’ll get a lay of the land and enjoy sweeping views of our surroundings before heading downstairs to a recently renovated interior courtyard to commence our aperitivo. Here, we’ll sip bellinis prepared with real peach juice—one of only two bars in the city to do this—alongside spiedini di baccalà mantecato (cod skewers) and polenta. As we’re basking in the refined ambiance of our surroundings, our guide will present competing theories for the origins of the bellini as well as the importance of our appetizers in the contemporary culinary landscape.

Moving on from our luxurious first stop, we’ll amble across the Rialto Bridge to a nearby bar tucked away in the maze of alleyways. A favorite of Venetians, this bacaro—inexpensive taverns frequented by locals—will showcase a more authentic side of the city’s aperitivo traditions. Here, as we rub shoulders with residents, we’ll sip a glass of prosecco or other local wine—referred to in the city as ombra, or “shade,”—and nibble on a panino while listening to our guide explain the tradition of cicchetti—Venetian snacks enjoyed during aperitivo hour.

Moving on to the final stop on our Venice Aperitivo Tour, a scenic restaurant with tables overlooking the Grand Canal, we’ll taste what may be Italy’s most hallowed aperitivo tradition: the spritz. As we enjoy a delectable charcuterie plate, we’ll learn about the history of the spritz before sampling four different varieties of amari—the bitter liqueur that imbues the drink with its vibrant hue—in a spritz flight. We’ll compare and contrast the different flavors dancing on our tongues while watching the sun slowly set, getting a nuanced explanation of the similarities and differences between the amaros before deciding which flavor combination is our favorite. Once we’ve finished our flight, we’ll reflect back on everything we’ve tasted, from a traditional ombra at a local bacaro, to our variety of sunset spritzes.

This Venice Aperitivo Tour will provide us with a solid overview of this beloved Italian tradition, and specifically what makes the Venetian aperitivo distinct. We’ll taste classic cicchetti treats and sip some of the city’s best beverages, leaving sated and with a list of some of the city’s best spots for enjoying a drink and snacks during the twilight hours.

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