Grand Canal Private Boat Tour

Travel Venice's labyrinth of canals in a private, covered boat with a local historian. Explore the San Marco Neighborhood and Grand Canal.


Per Group (Up to 12 people): $725.00

Tour Details

In this two-hour Venice Boat Tour, we'll explore the city's canals with a local historian for an immersive, in-depth experience. Designed to provide a taste of the rich history and architecture of Venice, this tour will traverse the canals and waterways that have inspired the musings of Hemingway, Byron, and James, among others.

The first portion of our journey will allow us to get acquainted with some of the smaller canals that help weave a tale of the history of Venice. From our private, covered boat, our guide will point out the important aspects of these islands, as well as introduce us to the characteristics of the different Venetian neighborhoods, known as sestieri. We’ll spend our last part of the tour passing through the world-famous Grand Canal, a veritable jewel of opulent Venetian architecture, which serves as the main artery of Venice. Our guide will point out noteworthy sites and palazzi, and help you get oriented to this complex and unique city. 

As an introduction, this Venice Boat Tour is lighter in flavor than some of our more in-depth walks and is led by guides who currently live, or have lived, in Venice for a number of years. We will spend time explaining the sites along the route, but we will also try to situate you in the city, orient you to the major areas, and answer any of your questions. In short, it is an excellent way to begin your stay here.

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