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Food and gastronomy have always played an integral part of Florentine culture and identity. On this 2.5-hour Florence Food Tour we join a local chef or food writer to explore Florence's great contribution to Italian cuisine. Along the way we'll taste a little wine, sample gelato, and sink our teeth into some amazing cheese.

We will begin our tour in the heart of the historical center, home to many traditional bakeries, shops and cafes. Our guide, an Italian cuisine expert, will lead us to some of their favorite places to sample the city's best snacks and sweets. The group will have the opportunity to sample several specialties including truffle sandwiches, Tuscan salamis, focaccia, coffee, pastries and, if the season is right, gelato. All the while, we will discuss local agricultural products, their background and how they differ from foods in other parts of Italy. We'll also touch on the current restaurant scene in Florence, for those interested in deepening their culinary experience while in town.

As we wind our way through the markets of this historic city, our guide will craft a tale about this intrinsic role that food has played in the past. The history of Florentines is represented in the foods they consume today. The region of Tuscany is famous for its ample farm lands, which produce much more than the characteristic wines they're known for. Wild truffles grow on the hills and in the forests, while the rich soil produces not only fine grapes, but all manner of produce representative of Florentine cuisine. This rich history produces even richer food, all of which can be found in the markets of Florence.

Though the focus of this walk is on the food, the group will quickly learn how Florence's gastronomy is intrinsically intertwined with its social and political history. The walk will thus celebrate and delve into multiple facets of Florentine life.

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