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Rental Terms & Conditions

1. Reservations: To reserve an Italy Perfect property, please email or telephone with your dates and the number of people and we will email to you a link to our online reservation processing system. Your tentative reservation will be held for 1 day pending your completion of the online reservation form and payment.

2. Rates: Until your reservation is confirmed with a payment, rates are subject to change without notice. We accept payment by personal check, cash, VISA or MasterCard, charging in US dollars using the daily exchange rate on the day payment is collected. Because our merchant accounts are US based, US credit cards pay no foreign currency conversion fee. If you wish to split payment between multiple credit cards a $25 USD fee applies for each extra card. We also accept payment in Euros by bank wire or Euros check for which your bank may charge a fee. Stays within 30 days must be paid by credit card.

3. Initial Payment and Reservation Agreement: In order to secure your reservation, we require a 50% deposit and agreement to the Italy Perfect terms. Upon receipt of payment you will receive an email confirmation showing the amount paid and balance pending together with access to useful Italy travel information.

4. Final Payment: The remainder of the rent is due to Italy Perfect 90 days prior to arrival. Failure to pay the final balance 90 days prior to arrival constitutes cancellation for which there is no refund. Upon receipt of your final payment you may download the Arrival Instructions within 5 business days.

5. What’s included: The property specific terms on the Italy Perfect website and contract will note what is included and the fees for additional services. We cannot guarantee more than two sets of keys per property, if you need additional sets please ask us and we will see if this is possible. Date of heat being turned on/off is controlled by the government. 

6. Cleaning: The accommodations will be clean when you arrive and we request it be left tidy when you depart. The property specific terms state if the pre-arrival cleaning, also called “final cleaning” or is not included in the rent. If you would like additional cleaning during your stay this may be available at an extra charge. 

7. Hospitality Tax: The property-specific terms state the hospitality tax information which varies by region and is paid in cash at check in. The amount varies and can change with little notice from the Italian government and the prevailing rate is what must be paid. . The amount and the collection of the tax is not under the control of Italy Perfect or the property, it is a government requirement and cannot be negotiated or refused.

8. Utilities: Charging for electricity, gas and butane usage is common because of the astronomical cost of energy in Italy. A few properties include utilities. Meter readings are taken on arrival and departure. The amount of utilities included in the rent is noted in the property specific terms. If there is usage over the allowance it is best paid to the greeter in cash on checkout, or will be deducted from a cash security deposit if there is one. If not paid at that time, the amount plus a 20% service fee will be charged to your credit card.

9. Arrival and Departure: Normal check in is 5-8pm for most properties. A few have an earlier check in cut off time of 6 or 7pm, please see property specific terms. Check out 10am. Please make careful note of the check in times when making travel arrangements. At a few properties we might be able to arrange for you to drop your luggage if you arrive mid-day. However, we do need time for the cleaners thoroughly to clean the apartment after the departure of other guests. If you want to guarantee check-in before 5pm, we recommend you reserve the previous night so that you can check into the property as early as 9 am. Check-in after normal check in hours needs to be requested in advance, and if possible, is subject to an additional fee. Checking in after 10pm usually is not possible.

10. Security Deposit: Most (but not all) properties require a security deposit of €500 and you allow us to authorize the amount on a credit/debit card at the time of check in, which amount will expire after the property has been inspected and telephone bills, if applicable, have been received. The security deposit covers damage to the property, including but not limited to, utilities, extra cleaning, lost keys, expensive locksmith services and lock replacements due to lost keys, landline phone calls or lost loaner mobile phone. Some properties require a cash security deposit on arrival. Security deposits will be refunded less charges Damage charges are not limited to the amount of the security deposit. We will send you a full accounting of any charges.

11. Cancellation: These general terms can be different for some properties. Such variations are found on the Price & Availability tab of each property and on the Terms link on the guest's private reservation page.

• Greater than 120 days, deposit will be refunded, less a €250 administrative fee plus 3% bank processing fee.

• 120 to 91 days before arrival: 35% of total rent is retained

• 90-60 days before arrival: 65% of total rent is retained.

• Within 60 days: Rent is non-refundable.

Failure to pay the final balance due is considered a cancellation with no refund due. We provide a 5-day grace period for the final 50% payment, after that the reservation is cancelled with no refund due.

Cancellations and changes must be made in writing by email or fax. Refunds are paid by $USD check. 

12. Reservation Modifications: The charge for modifying a reservation starts at €50 Euros. Changes in reservation dates within 120 days of arrival fall under the Cancellation terms. The rental contract is between the signer and Italy Perfect; it cannot be assigned to a third party.

13. Passports: Guests are responsible for obtaining and carrying a valid identity document or passport and any other documents required by Italian government regulations. Italy requires that the passport expiration date must be 6 months in the future from your date of arrival in the country. Non-US and non-EU residents may require special travel documents to travel to Italy. Check with your local Italian embassy or consulate. By Italian law you must provide a copy or details of the photo page of the passports, or national identity card, of all guests at check-in if requested by the property manager. If you do not bring your own copies or provide the requested information, the manager, for €25 cash, will take your passports/documents away to be photocopied and returned before your departure.

14. Number of Guests: The number of guests must not exceed the number of people indicated on your rental confirmation. If the number of people in your travel party changes, please let us know so that we can adjust the rent accordingly if the rent varies based on the number of people. The rent is calculated based on the total number of people in your party; it is not prorated if there are fewer people for some of the nights. In most cases the rates are based on occupancy including children of any age except babies under the age of 24 months. Parties, celebrations and hosted events are not permitted in the property without prior permission of the property manager.

15. No Pets, No Smoking: No pets are allowed. If the property manager, upon check-out, detects the smell of smoke in the apartment, or terrace if there is one, you will be charged for a significant deep cleaning which starts at €150 Euros.

16. Valuables left at the property are at the guests’ risk. Italy Perfect, the property owner and the property management are not responsible for any losses.

17. Read Your Documentation: While Italy Perfect carefully makes your reservation and prepares your documentation, it is your responsibility carefully to read and review documents immediately after receiving them. If there is an error or change required and you fail to notice or contact us in time to fix it, your reservation could be lost and your payments forfeited. If you reserved the wrong dates and need to make a change, reservation modification or cancellation fees apply.

18. Property Access: The property owner or manager may sometimes need to admit a repairman, building inspector, etc. during a guest's stay. If so, we will do our best to let the guest know in advance and someone will accompany the repairman, etc.

19. Emergencies: Sometimes your greeter may be able to help you with contacting and working with authorities, airlines for lost luggage or for medical help. You are welcome to ask them for assistance and they will let you know if they can help you; not all have the knowledge, time or personality for this. They are hourly workers, so if they do take time to help you, you should compensate them at the rate of €20/hour or authorize us to charge your credit card (plus 10% service fee). We recommend saving all invoices and receipts. 

20. Problems: Should you encounter any problems with your apartment, please contact your greeter as soon as possible to arrive at a resolution. Don’t suffer in silence; no one will know if something is not working if you don’t say something. If you make claims for issues that you did not report during your stay, they will be rejected.

21. Safety: Guests must exercise reasonable caution. We serve as agents to the owner of the property. If you have any problems, you must first reach the local contact provided in your confirmation to request resolution. 

22. Limitation of Liability: Italy Perfect does not own or operate any entity which is to or does provide goods or services for your stay, including, for example, arrangements for or ownership or control over houses, apartments or other lodging facilities, greeters or property managers, airline, vessel, bus or other transportation companies, local ground operators, visa processing services, providers or organizers of optional excursions, food service or entertainment providers, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, Italy Perfect is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity, or of any third party. Without limitation, Italy Perfect is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay or inconvenience in connection with the provision of any goods or services occasioned by or resulting from, but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure, acts of government, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, strikes or other labor activities, criminal, terrorist or threatened terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, structural or other defective conditions in houses, apartments or other lodging facilities (or in any heating, plumbing, electrical or structural problem therein), mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other means of transportation or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart timely or safely, dangers associated with or bites from animals, insects or pests, sanitation problems, food poisoning, epidemics or the threat thereof, disease, lack of access to or quality of medical care, difficulty in evacuation in case of a medical or other emergency, or for any other cause beyond the direct control of Italy Perfect. In addition, Italy Perfect is not responsible for its own negligence.

23. Property Owner Limitation of Liability: Power outages in the area and in the building are infrequent but can occur anywhere and without warning. Renovation and construction work in the building, the complex and the streets happen occasionally. The Municipality authorizes works to be able to start at 8am. There is no requirement for advance notice of neighbors of works and no way to prevent them. The property owner is sorry if you experience such but is not responsible and has no financial obligation if the guest experiences such.

24. Cancellation by Italy Perfect: If for any reason beyond our control we are unable to provide you with the property(ies) you have reserved, we will advise you as soon as possible and will offer to transfer you to a similar property(ies) with your approval. If the cost is less than your original booking then you will receive a refund for the difference. If you choose a more expensive property, then you will pay the difference. If this is not possible because we have nothing to offer or you do not wish to be transferred, we will cancel the reservation and refund the full amount you paid to Italy Perfect, but this refund is the totality of our responsibility. If you are unable to accept the terms of the rental contract, or dispute the terms, we have the right to cancel your reservation. We shall not be liable for any cancellation charges for any related travel arrangements, services, tours, etc.

25. Website Information: We take the utmost care to provide accurate details of services in the information provided to you. However, proprietors do sometimes make changes and all references to the condition of the property or services must not be taken as statements of fact, but as statements of opinion. We take responsibility for the general accuracy of the descriptions as to location, size, rooms and major appliances.

26. Credit Card Authorization: Customer authorizes the charge of rent and damage/utilities including service fees to customer credit card. You are paying in advance of the actual rental services so are authorizing the delayed presentment, that is, the services are not being delivered at the time of payment.

27. Validation: To protect against fraud your passport/identity document will be verified on arrival to ensure it matches your reservation information. Any reservation that we feel in our sole discretion to have been obtained under false pretense will be subject to immediate cancellation with forfeiture of funds advanced (whether rent or deposit), and the party will not be permitted to check-in, or, if occupancy has already begun, it will be immediately terminated.

28. Cultural Differences: Travel in Italy is not similar to travel within other nations. Italian travel can involve inconvenience and risk, including, but not limited to, forces of nature, geographic and climatic conditions, transportation strikes, different hygienic standards, infrastructure problems (including road maintenance, transportation delays, internet outages and accommodation conditions), civil unrest, vandalism, crime, political instability and terrorism. Medical services or facilities may not be readily available or available at all and, if available, may not be equal to standards in your home location. You assume all risk of bodily injury, death, emotional trauma, property damage, inconvenience and/or loss resulting from negligence or any other acts of any and all persons or entities, however caused, including, but not limited to, those risks mentioned above. You fully assume all of the risks of travel and participation. You release Italy Perfect from any and all liabilities to the maximum extent permitted by law. In addition, you release Italy Perfect from its own negligence. 

29. State Department and CDC Warnings. The United States Department of State often issues information concerning safety and other issues in foreign destinations. Presently, these can be accessed at The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issues health related advisories for travelers in foreign countries. Presently, these can be accessed at Participants agree to review these materials prior to booking a rental.

30. Arbitration: You agree that any dispute concerning, relating, or referring to this contract, the website, or any other literature concerning your rental or trip, or the rental or trip itself shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration in Boston, Massachusetts, according to the then existing commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such proceedings will be governed by substantive Massachusetts law. The arbitrator and not any federal, state, or local court or agency shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionability, or formation of this contract, including but not limited to any claim that all or any part of this contract is void or voidable.

Note: Advertising websites may require slightly different terms. If you paid through an advertising website (such as HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, AirBnb) rather than directly to Italy Perfect, then the terms of that website apply.