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Our Guest Reviews Orlando

Charming apartment close to Metro and sites
Jul 2017

Location: It is conveniently located near the Subway/"Metro" station for quick access to the Vatican, Coliseum or other (farther away) locations for only 1.5 Euro/ticket each way. You can walk to Piazza Popolo in about 4 minutes, Spanish Steps in 10, Trevi Fountain in 15, Pantheon in 15, Piazza Navona in 20 minutes. The best shopping on Via Corso is also within a 5-10 minute walk. There's also a busy street nearby where Taxis are always available if you prefer to drive to a specific destination. Immediately in front of the building is a commuter's rail-line that passes by every 15 minutes or so. You can hear the rumble of the rail-line as it's passing. This noise is why I gave the apartment 4 stars. It's not a loud noise, but more of a rumble periodically. Otherwise, the apartment is pretty quiet and what you would expect for an apartment on a big-city street.

Apartment amenities: The apartment has neutral and tasteful finishes. The galley kitchen is efficient and was stocked with a few amenities like Olive Oil and Espresso and sugar. (There's a great little market just down the street where you can pick up milk, wine, coffee, bread -- or anything else you may want for your personal use during your stay). The bedrooms were on opposite corners of the unit which allowed for privacy. There's a washing machine, good wifi and air conditioning units that worked well to cool us down after a hot July day of site-seeing. The bathrooms were clean, functional and probably better than you might expect of a typical apartment.

We enjoyed our stay in Rome and would use this property management company again.

[We are so pleased you enjoyed your stay with Italy Perfect and it is great to hear you’d book again with us, we’d be delighted to welcome you back. It is accurate the that electric tram line runs below, as described in the apartment description and as shown in the property photos. We’re glad you knew to expect that before reserving. The Italy Perfect Team]

Angela L , US

Jul 2017

This apartment was spectacular. It was very comfortable for our family of 5. It was extremely hot while we were in Rome so having A/C throughout the whole apartment was a BIG plus.
Great location and great view from the bedrooms and living area windows. Washer/dryer was also an added plus. No big deal but there were cable cars outside that you would hear them at night. I would definitely recommend and stay in this apartment again.
[What a pleasure to receive your glowing review and glad you liked the great location and good A/C as well. The electric tram line stops at midnight and starts again at 5:30am, as noted in the apartment information on the website. The Italy Perfect Team]

Ana J. , Miami, FL

Great apartment, OK location
Jul 2017

A+ for logistics and the rental company. Communications were prompt, commitments were kept, greeter was on time, friendly, and well-informed, apartment was clean and well-appointed with necessary items as well as extra niceties like umbrellas!

A- for the apartment itself. Furniture including beds were comfortable. Appliances were fine. Washer/dryer were OK too though it's small and takes a long time. Having 2 toilets/showers was nice. Air conditioning worked great and was such a nice thing to have during the hot days in Rome! Linen was adequate though no fitted sheet on the main bed. Noise wasn't too bad; Occasional drunk person screaming on the street and regular streetcar noise, but wasn't that loud.

B for the location. The apartment is just north of the Piazza del Popolo and about a 20min walk from the Spanish Steps (despite the name). Advantages of this location are: Proximity to the Metro (though the Metro in Rome isn't very extensive so won't get you every place you might want to go) and proximity to Piazza del Popolo which is a place where large public events often happen (like concerts and fireworks while we were there). However, it's really at the North end of the history center of Rome, and so not really in the thick of things. The next time we go to Rome I would look for a place further south (in the center), but if that isn't so important to you, this may be just the apartment for you!

Eric , Seattle

Great space
Jun 2017

The place was great, our host met us and was really helpful. Provided us with great recommendations about restaurants, grocery stores and shopping. The space was clean, spacious, comfortable and close to the metro and sights. It is right next to the streetcar so if you aren't use to city noises, I would recommend ear plugs. Highly recommend this space and would certainly stay again.
[Thank you Anne, we look forward to welcoming you again! The Italy Perfect Team]

Anne Elliot , Toronto, ON

Very nice stay in Rome
Dec 2016

We stayed in the Orlando apartment for 1 week in November. The apartment location is very convenient, with the Metro close by and a short walk to Piazza del Popolo and many major attractions. There are some nice small shops on the street and a very good restaurant close by is Al Borghetto. The apartment is clean and functional, and all items are in good working order. There is a little noise from the street car below, but it wasn't too much for us. I have stayed at some Paris Perfect apartments and this one is not quite as fancy, but location is great and the greeter was friendly and informative. I would definitely stay here again. The people from Italy Perfect were very easy to deal with, I highly recommend them and this apartment.

k l , Laguna Beach, CA

Perfect Location to Explore Rome
Oct 2016

My wife and I spent a week in Rome with an ambitious agenda to see art from the Renaissance, Roman ruins, and to take at least one day trip to Villa D'Este in Tivoli. I like to explore a city on foot and with the local transportation systems rather than via tour bus or taxi and I chose this location because it is a block from the Metro A line station just north of Piazza del Populo and a short to medium walk to all of the central historical area of Rome. We easily walked to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Fontana di Trevi, and literally dozens of churches with incredible paintings and sculptures (e.g. there are paintings by Raphael and Caravaggion two blocks away in Santa Maria del Populo and just a trickle of tourists actually go in the church to see them). The Piazza del Populo is at the head of the center Rome shopping district that runs along the Corso.

For Roman areas, like the Foro or the Colosseo, it is easiest to take the Metro which drops you right in the middle of ancient Rome. We also visited the Vatican Museum which is an easy above-ground street car ride from just out the front door to Piazza Risorgiemento, a couple of blocks from the Vatican. Rome's ATAC transportation systems are very easy to use with single ride tickets available at any Tabacchi store or in machines at the train or metro stations. A ticket works for the Metro, streetcars, and the bus system (more challenging- you really need an up to date map to use them). A daily pass can be used on any or all of these and we frequently bought daily passes so that we could move around the city more quickly. If you are looking to do a day trip to some place like Ostia Antica or Tivoli the Italian train systems are very modern and reasonably priced and it is a five minute ride to Termini train station via the Metro from this apartment.

The neighborhood is what I would describe as mostly "real Rome." It is located just outside the Roman walls and there are a large number of what look like 19th century apartment buildings occupied by families and some students of the local university campus which is just up the street. There is a neighborhood alimentaria for groceries that is very friendly and helpful, as well as a bar just up the street for morning coffee that can't be beat either in quality or price by any of the fancy coffee houses (I like to drink my coffee the Roman way, which is standing at the counter bar). There are quite a few inexpensive little pizzerias and oddly a Burger King within a few hundred yards. We ate one night at one of the pizzerias which was filled with parents and their children, returning home at around 8:00P which is typical of the Italian schedule and having a great time going out for dinner. I think we got a few looks but everyone was very friendly and welcoming. All in all it felt I was living in an area which reflected what it was like to live in Rome, rather than the more protected kind of tourist experience you might get from a hotel in center Rome. I liked that. Even so, many of the people in the smaller stores still would try to talk to you in English if you seemed to be struggling with the Italian. Rome is a very welcoming city.

If you are looking for the classic sit-down Italian dinner, there are at least a dozen restaurants just the other side of Piazza del Populo or on the Piazza which have outdoor seating in good weather which is most of the time. Reservations are rarely needed unless you are going to someplace that is listed in a guide book. Food tends to be good almost everywhere but I find the prices are higher in the popular piazzas (such as del Populo or Navona). This is a matter of your own preference as sitting in a large piazza and people watching is part of the Roman experience (similar to Paris) but you can save money and sometimes get much better service if you explore down the side streets a bit to try someone a little out of the way. We ate well wherever we tried. Generally an appetizer and a pasta course makes a fine meal, although if you save your appetite it's possible to extend that to a second course of fish or steak for a treat.

The apartment's appliances were all reasonably new and in good working order. There is no oven if you are looking to bake something, although there is a gas stove top. The air conditioning system works very well and the elevator was a welcome site after walking for miles around the city, site seeing. The air conditioning was not all that necessary during September in the evening as there is a nice cross breeze through the apartment and those hours before sunset with the windows open and listening to the street sounds were very pleasant to relax in. However, at night you really need the AC because the streetcars below the apartment are fairly loud with the windows open. The windows are new and seal out the sound very well, but the apartment can get stuffy if you don't run the AC at night.

I would definitely recommend Italy Perfect as they helped out with everything that made our arrival easy from Fiumicino. Their suggested driver was excellent: on time and drove us right to the door. Beats a shuttle or subway every time in my opinion.

This apartment was a generous amount of space for two people. The second bedroom would be fine for one or even two small children. If you have a teenager that wants to be somewhat independent the location, a very short walk to Piazza del Populo and all the transportation systems, is ideal for someone looking to hang out or explore on their own. There are two bathrooms, both in fairly new condition. Laundry is in the kitchen and is fairly small and slow, but it was enough that when we left for our second week of travel everything was clean and we didn't have to do laundry again on our trip.

All in all a great experience and we loved Rome- it truly is one of the most enchanting and beautiful cities in the world.

[Thank you so much Michael for your lovely review, we thank you for being such a lovely guest and for the pleasure of working with you. The Italy Perfect Team.]

Michael , Boston, MA

Wonderful spot
Jul 2016

We stayed at the Orlando apartment for three nights, with our two teenage girls. The location was excellent and the apartment very nice. It is in the city, so there were city noises outside the windows, but nothing we couldn't live with. We would stay there again. We have used London Perfect, Paris Perfect and now Italy Perfect and have always been pleased.
[Thank you so much for your loyalty! Come again;-) The Italy Perfect Team]

Ann W , Virginia USA

Orlando Apt / Great Location and Landing Spot, Highly Recommend
Jul 2016

If I were to return to Rome (sure I will as I tossed the proverbial coin into the Trevi), I would stay at Orlando again. Italy Perfect has many properties to chose from and I would consider others, but we were very happy with Orlando.

The location is a few steps north of Piazza del Popolo, south from there are the famous Trident Roads, with easy access to just about everything in Rome. South to the left is Piazza de Spagna (Spanish Steps) and Borghese Gardens. Middle south is great shopping and down through the south, center of Rome. South to the right is a main road that leads to the Piazza Navona area, Pantheon, all very walkable.

We easily walked to and from the Vatican, Trastevere neighborhood, the other sites I mentioned and many more. One just needs a good pair of walking shoes; we rarely used public transportation. There is a taxi stand in nearby Piazza del Popolo. Half the fun was getting lost and running into things (like another ancient ruins site) that we wouldn't have otherwise seen.

The apartment has the benefit of being steps away from a metro subway stop, which leads directly to Roma Termini, very convenient for our day trip we took to Venezia via high speed rail. Nearby are numerous small grocers and an outdoor fruit and veg market; larger supermarkets are not very walkable from Orlando (if you're lugging groceries) but this was no issue as there wasn't anything we needed that we couldn't buy within about two blocks.

The area is very safe, we were out at all hours, with teenage daughters, and never once worried about our safety. Even down in the subway late at night, seemed perfectly fine. Going to a place I'm unfamiliar w/ always gives me a little trepidation; we felt instantly comfortable. We did use under-the-shirt wallets but never encountered any potential theft situations (that we're aware of).

The apartment had everything we needed, including a large supply of dishes so that we weren't constantly running the dishwasher. All the appliances worked fine, the apartment was exceedingly clean which I appreciate. I liked the feel that you were living in someone else's home, with books scattered around, knick knacks in the common area (living room) drawers etc. It was very comfortable and welcoming-feeling.

The air conditioner worked very well. It was mid 90's (F), not too humid, when we were in Rome. We turned the air to 25 or 26C when we were out during the day, and set it cooler a bit when we were in, and we were really comfortable. I expected to deal w/ heat inside the apartment, we didn't at all. The wifi also was completely reliable, very fast, never went out. That also exceeded my expectations.

The only aspects I can think of, that some people might have issue with, are some of the furnishings are a little on the worn side (not badly so). Everything was very service-able, and again very clean.

Additionally the area is fairly noisy (street noise, not from within the building), but I'm guessing that is true many places in Rome. The garbage trucks pick up in the middle of the night, the electric tram makes quite a bit of noise, etc.

To me, this is all white noise and didn't bother me at all, just part of being in a big city. One benefit of the location is there is very little auto traffic directly on the street below. The street directly below the window is dedicated completely to the electric tram.

We had a great time being Romans for a couple weeks and the apartment was great for our family - kids had their own bathroom, two bedrooms, nice kitchen, and living room for hanging out, beats a hotel any day. Also, Italy Perfect was really wonderful to work with.

I've never dealt w/ an agency before that provided so much helpful travel and country info, I would do business with them again now that I've experienced. Very responsive to any questions I had.

If not familiar w/ foreign travel, take the time to read the materials they give you. Our trip went really smoothly partly because I spent quite a bit of time in advance making sure I knew how to use my cell phone, notifying financial institutions in advance of travel, understanding things like how to order coffee (a caffe will get you an espresso), courtesies and customs.

Those little things went a long way and we didn't experience any hassles. All of that and more is in the dozens of pages Italy Perfect provides to its clients. I love planning trips; I never expected Italy Perfect to do half the work for me and it was greatly appreciated.

The Roman-apartment greeter was great, he worked w/ our driver to meet us, and was there when we arrived. Very friendly and enthusiastic, gave us a great overview of the apartment. He even got in touch mid week to see how we were doing. Was nice to know he was there if we needed him (we didn't).

Great experience, highly recommend this company and this specific apartment.

[Thank you so much for the wonderful, comprehensive feedback. It was a pleasure to work with you! The Italy Perfect Team]

Italian by Marriage , Michigan

Great Location
Jun 2016

The Orlando apartment is in a fabulous location. We fell in love with the little cafes on the same block as the apartment and had our breakfast at one on the corner every morning. It is a safe neighborhood with markets in a short walking distance. Italy Perfect met us at the apartment and walked us through all we needed to know. It was very spacious and perfect for our family of four. As a visitor from the US, be prepared that the apartment is a little dated and could use some paint repair and probably a larger hot water heater so that two people can shower at once, but overall, it was perfect for us. The description and our agent pointed out the train/ trolly passes right outside the apartment and runs from 7 am - 11pm - while it didn't bother us, it actually starts running at 5:30 am which may be a problem for light sleepers. The apartment had everything we needed, including wifi, and we quickly mastered the combo washer and dryer which was fabulous and allowed us to bring only cary on luggage. The apartment was very clean. I would definitely recommend this apartment and Italy Perfect for a family or two couples and look forward to using them again in the future.

[Thank you, we are so happy you enjoyed the Orlando apartment. The website information informs all guests that the trolley starts at 5:30 am.]

Liz , Houston

Family vacation
Nov 2015

We are a family of six. All adults and a new daughter in law. My husband suggested a last minute trip to Italy and we were all onboard. And in a moment of serendipity I suggested an apartment rental. We wanted a nice area, two (or more bathrooms) three bedrooms and a decent price. (Please note the initial price that I saw online was not the price we paid. There were a lot of add ons, and in the end we paid close to the amount of a hotel that I was also investigating as a possibility.

The good: The contract included a lot of solid information about the apartment, the area, restaurants and a few referrals. The car service that was on their list was excellent. Our greeter was good, welcoming and full of energy.

The bad: This is not a moderate equivalent of a mid level hotel. The furnishings were poor at best. The showers didn't have enough water pressure. The furniture in the bedrooms was broken was broken and ugly. Our bed was comfortable, but the rest of the beds weren't.

The apartment was subpar. It was close to nice areas, but not in it. The apartment house was quiet. But I think we were the only people in there. A touch eerie.

I don't believe that we will rent again. We missed having resources on site. If we were in a hotel we would have moved rooms immediately.

C Ellis , Los Angeles, California