Foodies Love This Florence Apartment & Neighborhood

Typical Florentine Street

There is so much to like about the charming Quercia apartment in Florence. Quercia meaning “oak” is pronounced ‘quare (like square without the  s)-chee-uh’. Many guests start enjoying Quercia with local dining. The San Frediano neighborhood is known for its famous restaurants that include Al Antico Ristoro dei Cambi, Trattoria Diladdarno, Il Santo Bevitore, Il Guscio and more. Tuscan specialties to enjoy are the world famous bistecca fiorentina, the finest beef steak in Italy from Chianina cattle, pappardelle al cinghiale (wide noodles with wild boar sauce), wood-fired pizza and, of course, the wine!

San Frediano Church by the Arno River

In the local San Frediano neighborhood you find yourself in a village within the city of Florence. The famous Florence sites are a close walk. And the local neighborhood has its own high points such as the Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine and the handsome gate in the 13th century city wall of San Frediano. In the local cafe where you can order your morning cappuccino or an aperitif before dinner, you can enjoy the expressions and hand gestures as the local citizens banter with the barista.  Children zip around on their bikes. Neighbors pause and leave flowers in front of the ancient Madonna and Child Tabernacle at the end of the street. The local craftsmen stand at the entrance of their shops and nod “buon giorno” as you wander through.

Quercia Apartment Terrace Garden

The Quercia apartment is on the ground floor and has a large private terrace and garden. The building is more than 300 years old;  you can observe the traditional techniques of the masons and carpenters who built it by admiring arched brick ceilings, wood beams and handsome rustic exposed stones along the hallway wall. A special feature  is the nice patio off the living room where you can enjoy relaxing or dining. The apartment is well organized and thoughtfully furnished as well as affordable. Discount for July & August 2017 stays! See Quercia apartment photos, video and full description by clicking here.

Quercia Apartment Living Room

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