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Tuscany Italy Villa Pool

Here’s How to Beat the Summer Heat in Italy

The summer heat in Italy can be quite warm, and we know that you don’t want to let it get in the way of all the wonderful things you came to see. Fear not! We have a few expert tips to help you stay healthy, hydrated and cool! Whether you’re out exploring museums, relaxing by the pool or looking for your next gelato fix, these tips are sure to help you beat the summer heat in Italy like a local.

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Rooftops of Rome

5 Marvelous Rooftop Bars in Rome

The timeless skyline of Rome is a joy to appreciate from one of these fascinating rooftop bars. Although Rome is called the Eternal City, you shouldn’t have to spend an eternity figuring out where to get an aperitivo and a great view, so that’s where we come in! Here’s our list of the five best rooftop bars in Rome, including options for a Michelin-starred experience, a sustainable vegetarian meal, a unique perch for a sunny breakfast and more! (Read this for more Rome tips)

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