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Favorite Rome Cheap & Cheerful Restaurants

There is an amazing selection of restaurants in Rome but we often find ourselves hankering for simple, home-style cooking where we can walk in, catch up after a busy day of looking at apartments and sites and have a simple, inexpensive meal. Our guests often ask “Where do you go in Rome for an a simple meal?”  Here are two of our favorites, Dino Express and Insalata Ricca. The food is simple, basic, the atmosphere is, well, quite basic too! Picture tables crowded close together, mismatched chairs, bad art and unflattering lighting…in short, everything we’ve learned to love in brutti-ma-buoni (ugly but good) dining! Continue reading Favorite Rome Cheap & Cheerful Restaurants

Campo de’Fiori – Today’s Roman Forum

Just as Romans have done for thousands of years, they gather today in Campo de’ Fiori where visitors and locals alike find a beautiful open air market, offering everything from cut flowers to pizza. At night, the piazza transforms into a social hub for young people looking to make the most of the nightlife.

Campo de’Fiori has spent the last 1,400 years transforming from a flower garden – the names translates to “Field of Flowers” – to a thriving market. Six days a week, the piazza is home to the only outdoor market in central Rome. Vendors sell everything from spice packets and limoncello – for the tourist crowd – to fresh vegetables, fruits, and even pomegranate juice.

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