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Rome Pasta Favorite: Cacio e Pepe

Will we ever run of of delicious foods to enjoy while in Rome?

The answer: Never!

While there are obvious Roman classics like spaghetti alla carbonara, the humble yet delicious cacio e pepe – a long-time favorite among Romans, is worthy of equal praise. ‘C193px-Pecorino_grattugiatoacio’ is pecorino in the Roman dialect, and pepe means pepper – thus this classic pasta dish has two main ingredients: pecorino cheese and black pepper. How did such a simple dish become so favored? Well, one theory is that it was an easy meal for shepherds who spent months at a time tending their flocks. A wedge of pecorino and some pepper were easy to transport, don’t spoil and provide a satisfying meal.

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Magical Holiday Celebrations in Florence

Experience an enchanting holiday with friends and family in Florence where you can participate special holiday events, fine dining and the art and history of Florence.  A family holiday while staying at an apartment in Florence allows people with different interests to head in different directions following their own stars, yet you come together for lovely meals and family time.

We have an excellent selection of apartments where you can come together as a group or have a private experience.  Away from home, holiday activities and planning can be shared rather than creating a lot of work for a single host. Plan now and we can help you find a chef to prepare a festive meal in your apartment!

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