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Enjoying the Beach in Italy

From mid-August until early September, a longstanding Italian tradition is to flee the hot cities for the beach. Having spent many childhood summers in Italy, we thought we understood the unique cultural aspects of Italians at the beach however as adults, returning to Italy with our own children for vacations, we appreciated ever new insights into Italian culture.  I could recount my own experience, but no one describes it better than author Tim Parks in his wickedly funny book Italian Education published in 1996, a sequel to Italian Neighbors published in 1992. If you are an Italy aficionado, we highly recommend both books, they hilariously entertaining and entirely accurate…good beach reading!

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Andrew Harper’s HideAway Report Recommends Italy Perfect!

We are thrilled to be recommended in the August issue of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report, an ultra -exclusive travel publication revered the world over for its travel wisdom and hotel reviews. The author of the article, “ The Enduring Pleasures of Rome” stayed in our gorgeous Rome Elegante apartment located in Rome’s enchanting Prati neighborhood. The author and his family enjoyed exploring Prati which is much-loved for its wonderful food shopping, restaurants and one of Rome’s finest gelaterie. Continue reading Andrew Harper’s HideAway Report Recommends Italy Perfect!

Real Roman Experience – Traditional Menu + Ancient Location

Two for one: Feed your spirit with a trip through history and nourish your body dining on delicious, traditional Roman cuisine.

The Four Heads of Janus – Quattro Capi

The restaurant, Trattoria Sora Lella, is on the Island in the Tiber (Isola Tiberina) and to reach it you must walk across the Ponte Fabrizio, the oldest bridge in Rome. It was built in 62BC. Yes, you read that right, 62BC. It is the oldest bridge in the world in continuous use. What a privilege to cross it! The bridge, now for pedestrians only, is decorated with two ancient pillars with 4 heads each of the Roman god Janus. Janus, who is also depicted with 2 faces, represents beginnings, gates, transitions, crossings, time, doorways and endings. Can you feel the crossing of the centuries? Continue reading Real Roman Experience – Traditional Menu + Ancient Location