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Best of Rome: Fabulous Spagna Apartment Has It All!

We’re shining the spotlight this week on the Spagna apartment, one our finest apartments in Rome. What sets it apart?

  • Fantastic expansive terrace where you can dine under the Roman sky
  • Terrific Spanish Steps location most requested by our guests
  • Roomy luxury with many special & thoughtful touches

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Chestnuts Roasting…Plan Your Florence Christmas Holiday Now

Hard to believe, but it is not too soon start holiday family travel planning! Our properties are filling up in the cities, but there’s still time to book the perfect Florence apartment for your family to enjoy during Christmas and New Years. You probably haven’t yet thought about whether you or your in-laws will host the holiday get-together so now is a good time to consider a getaway to Florence for a truly special experience that you may find more relaxing than holidays at home. Enjoy cool days, long walks in the Boboli Gardens and along the Arno River, museum-going,  shopping,  leisurely meals. Continue reading Chestnuts Roasting…Plan Your Florence Christmas Holiday Now

Driving in Italy: Most Requested Advice

We have put together some really helpful and practical advice of things you should know about driving in Italy in the blogs linked below. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our guests for our vacation rentals in Italy.

What is it like driving in Italy?

The roads are good and the signage is good. With GPS, navigation is usually pretty good. But you do have to pay attention while driving. The roads and the lanes on the highways are narrower than what you are probably used to. Drivers on the highways may drive really fast and may tailgate. Drivers in the larger cities may be aggressive. In cities there are many motorbikes that dodge around moving cars dangerously.  Whether or not you are using GPS, the words you hear or read are probably unfamiliar so you have to pay close attention to signs. The traffic signs are  totally different and you must review them or you can get into accidents by doing things like going the wrong way on a narrow one-way street or ending up in a pedestrian area surrounded by police. Continue reading Driving in Italy: Most Requested Advice