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5 Tips For Touring Churches in Italy

Italy is rich with churches that, through the ages demonstrated the faith, the wealth and the creativity of Italy. Whether the church is a destination for you or an opportunity to sit and rest in quiet and, in the summer, in the cool, every church will have something to fascinate you. Everyone is welcome so don’t hesitate to enter any church.


Naturally you will observe the architecture. Even if you don’t know or care about the name of the style, we suggest you consider the “feeling” of the church.  What is your emotional response? Awe, welcome, warmth, peace, or, omg what a mess! Continue reading 5 Tips For Touring Churches in Italy

Introducing the Divine Dante Villa, Minutes from Florence

Private pool on the grounds of Divine Dante.

We have just added a wonderful villa to our offering that is ideally situated in the beautiful hills overlooking Florence. We had the opportunity to visit the Divine Dante villa earlier this year to see for ourselves if it was as lovely as depicted in the photos. To our delight, it is ideal for guests looking for a luxury villa located a very short drive from the center of Florence. The drive took just 10 minutes, and we found ourselves in the hills on the road to beautiful Fiesole. Luxury villas dot these hills. Not only is the location convenient, but stays as short as 4 nights are possible except during July and August. Continue reading Introducing the Divine Dante Villa, Minutes from Florence