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Rome’s Spookiest Sights

No imagination is needed to find spooky sights in Rome. In honor of All Saints’ Day, here are some of our favorite creepy sights. When staying in Italy Perfect vacation rentals you can easily visit these strange sights.

Human bones decorate church crypt.

The Capuchin Crypt “Church of the Bones” contains the bones of  3700 monks that decorate the rooms of the crypt below the church to remind us of the impermanence of life. Via Vittorio Veneto 27.

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Contemporary Art in Historic Florence

Florence is known as the birthplace of modern art, beginning in the 15th century with the Renaissance ‘rebirth’ when Florence became the incubator for a massive burst of creativity and the beginning of the modern era.

Renowned as the cradle of Renaissance, it is not known for its contemporary art and Florentines remain skeptical about modern art. Things are slowly changing on the art scene however, creating an opening to the twenty-first century while providing Florentines and visitors alike an opportunity to view some striking works of modern art in historic settings. Continue reading Contemporary Art in Historic Florence