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The ZTL – Avoid Restricted Traffic Zones & Fines in Italy

Are you thinking of cruising around in your rental car, pulling up to the doorstep of your vacation rental in the center of Rome or Florence, unloading your bags and then chancing upon a handy parking garage or, better yet, street parking? Think again…

Driving in Italy takes some careful planning if your route takes you through a major city. Before you book that rental car heed this advice because it is really, and we mean really, daunting to avoid the infamous ZTL, the limited traffic zones which throttle traffic in the city centers. Continue reading The ZTL – Avoid Restricted Traffic Zones & Fines in Italy

Indispensable Italian Coffee Primer

The caffeine landscape in Italy is rich with ritual and tradition. The espresso is as much a staple as pizza and wine.  Italy is very traditional in its choice of coffees; popular American and British brands have never really made their mark here. So the Starbucks vocabulary such as latte and venti, while they are Italian words, don’t mean the same thing in an authentic Italian cafè. And don’t expect to come across your usual choice of Starbucks, Caffè Nero, Peet’s or Tim Horton’s. Continue reading Indispensable Italian Coffee Primer