Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tartufo: The King of Gelato

A tartufo ice cream treat is a ‘must-try’ for chocolate or gelato lovers travelling in Italy. Legend has it that this decadent sweet was invented for a visiting King by an artisan gelato maker in Pizzo, a small town in Southern Italy. Whatever the origin, it’s a winner! Continue reading Tartufo: The King of Gelato

Fiesole, the Crown of Florence

The narrow and crowded streets of Florence are filled with delights but you may find, as we do, four nights into our stay, that we need a respite and Fiesole is the perfect solution. On the heights above Florence, the ancient town of Fiesole welcomes with amazing views, a small historical area with an evocative Roman amphitheatre, Etruscan temple and two nice, small museums. Continue reading Fiesole, the Crown of Florence