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Veronese Paolo: Feast at the House of Simon

Top Tips for Visiting your Student Abroad in Italy

A semester abroad is a dream-come-true for many university students — and their family members who come to visit. We recently interviewed Mike, a recent college graduate, who shares with us his wisdom on “do’s and don’ts” for visiting your son or daughter who is studying abroad in Italy. Continue reading Top Tips for Visiting your Student Abroad in Italy

Great Deal in Florence for September

We’ve got a great deal on our Amore apartment. The splendor of Florence with vast views and an expansive terrace. This apartment is dubbed ‘Amore’ because we fell in love with the heartstopping views and terraces which are the centerpiece of this special apartment.

30%+ off September bookings in this stunning 1 bedroom. Sleeps 2 + 1


Continue reading Great Deal in Florence for September

Italy Perfect Quoted on Condé Nast Traveler

Lock in the best hotel rooms in Italy for the holidays. “Rome books up well in advance of December, with people interested in Vatican papal audiences and midnight Masses,” advises Lisa Byrne of Italy Perfect. “Remember to take note of religious holiday closures and plan museum visits and tours accordingly.”

-From 5 Things Smart Travelers Should Be Doing in August,  Condé Nast Traveler

10 Must See Roman Fountains

The city of Rome has a history of fountains that goes back to the Roman empire. Some of Rome’s fountains are still flowing from the same ancient aqueducts as when they were commissioned. We present our list of ten best loved favorite Roman fountains for you to enjoy with some nearby vacation rentals.  Find them on a map or pin them on Pinterest by clicking on the image. Download the music of The Fountains of Rome by Respighi now to enjoy while reading this or while visiting the fountains! Continue reading 10 Must See Roman Fountains