Magical Holiday Celebrations in Florence

Experience an enchanting holiday with friends and family in Florence where you can participate special holiday events, fine dining and the art and history of Florence.  A family holiday while staying at an apartment in Florence allows people with different interests to head in different directions following their own stars, yet you come together for lovely meals and family time.

Giovanna Apartment

We have an excellent selection of apartments where you can come together as a group or have a private experience.  Away from home, holiday activities and planning can be shared rather than creating a lot of work for a single host. Plan now and we can help you find a chef to prepare a festive meal in your apartment!

Here are some sample properties followed by some suggestions for how to find out about holiday events.

Artemesia Apartment

Don’t bring holiday gifts, shopping is great in Florence. We can even offer an expert shopping guide.

Or enjoy on your own the Bavarian-style holiday market in Piazza Santa Croce that is like a little old world village with gifts from all over Europe, food specialties to eat there or take away and wine and beer.

Festival of Lights throughout the season.

Mimi Apartment

There are many concerts and holiday fairs. Use the Florence Tourist Site to search by date and type of event.

Take in The Medici Dynasty Show, a multimedia drama in English.

Favorite Easy Italy Souvenirs – from the Supermarket

You’ve had a wonderful vacation in Italy and at the end of your trip you suddenly realize that you need to bring back a little something for the neighbor who took in your newspaper and watered the plants, the friend who gave you a ride to the airport, your cleaning person, your hairdresser and the teenager who fed your fish. The list goes on and on.

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Rome’s Enchanted Evenings: City Sparkles By Night

One of Rome’s special  pleasures  is strolling through the city at night when locals and visitors alike enjoy the many riches that Rome has to offer: wine bars, feasting on Roman cuisine and gazing on iconic monuments and fountains. Rome is optimally walkable as you wander from one beautiful piazza to the next to find either a burbling fountain or a monument artistically illuminated for your delight.

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Shopping with a Florence Fashion Expert

Florence is a shopping mecca, famous for fine fashion, leather, scents, art, decorated wood, fine papers and shoes. But how do you know which retailers to trust, what price is right and what is good quality?

You don’t! It’s embarrassing the number of times we (who have taken shopping trips to Florence since we were teens) have bought things  we loved in Florence only to have them fall apart, shrink, melt or fade when we got home. There are so many stalls and shops, with such pretty displays, it’s bewildering and enchanting and often very expensive. Continue reading Shopping with a Florence Fashion Expert