Arriving in Italy just got easier! New direct train service from Rome airport to Florence and Venice.

New direct train service from Rome airport to Florence and Venice, twice a day at 11:08 am and 3:08 pm. You no longer have to take the airport train to the main train station (Termini) and then take a second train onward. Just take the direct train at either of those times and arrive at your destination in the afternoon.

Compare the cost of this train with connecting flights that land in Florence or Venice. Keep in mind time required and your possible travel weary and jetlagged condition.  The train is scenic and comfortable, takes you right to the city center on one of Trenitalia’s aptly named Frecciargento (Silver arrow) high speed trains. Enjoy the view, the wifi and arrive in Venice or Florence in the afternoon to check into your vacation rental after it has been prepared for your arrival.

Trains that leave Rome Fiumincino airport at 11:08 am and 3:08pm daily, arriving in Florence in 2.25 hours and in Venice in 4.5 hours. Costs start at $68USD for Florence and $118USD for Venice. Check out pricing and schedules here. 

If you miss your direct train you will take the Leonardo Express train that leaves about every 20 minutes during the daytime to Rome Termini station and connect to one of the hourly trains to Venice or every half hour to Florence.

The Italian train system, Trenitalia, doesn’t handle online transactions from outside Italy, so we recommend the RailEurope service that provides online booking and electronic delivery with credit card purchase.

Photo by Andrew K. Smith (Creative Commons)

goldola view

Italy Property Inspections Behind the Scenes!

A Day in the Life — Inspections in Venice: The Italy Perfect Team travels frequently around Italy to inspect the properties it offers. It is a fun job, but it is also a lot of work. Here is some insight into a recent day in Venice.

7:00am Prepare to depart for Venice from lovely Giovanna Florence apartment where we stayed. Fueled with freshly made coffee we tidy up and hide our luggage in order to video the apartment and photograph the terrace as soon as the sun comes up. Quick showers, pack up and final check to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Walk to train station.

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Fiesole Streets

Fiesole, the Crown of Florence

The narrow and crowded streets of Florence are filled with delights but you may find, as we do, four nights into our stay, that we need a respite and Fiesole is the perfect solution. On the heights above Florence, the ancient town of Fiesole welcomes with amazing views, a small historical area with an evocative Roman amphitheatre, Etruscan temple and two nice, small museums. Continue reading


Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne: Unrequited Love

Apollo and Daphne is a life-sized baroque sculpture by renowned sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.  An extraordinary masterwork, the sculpture depicts the mythical story of unrequited love and can be found in Galleria Borghese in Rome. The Galleria Borghese is also home to Bernini’s David, paintings by Caravaggio and many other masterpieces.  It is no surprise the Galleria is one of the most popular museums in Rome. Enjoy the myth of Apollo and Daphne as well as our tips for getting Galleria Borghese tickets in advance of your trip to Rome. Continue reading